Before you arrive

  • Learn about Alberta's climate, geography, people and economy.
  • Find job postings, job search resources, employment services and training programs.
  • Find a doctor in Alberta or locate a Primary Care Network health care team that's right for you.
  • Learn about Alberta's kindergarten to grade 12 education system and how to choose a school.
  • Use the look up tool to find child care and explore subsidy options.
  • Use the comparison tool to help make an informed decision when selecting a water, natural gas or electricity provider.

When you arrive

While you're here

  • Enjoy the great outdoors at Alberta's provincial parks and recreation areas.
  • Get free admission to Alberta's museums and historic sites with your CFOne card
  • A centre in Edmonton where veterans can find financial, employment, housing and crisis supports.
  • Get help for addiction or mental health concerns from an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals.
  • Find financial assistance, health benefits, daily living and housing supports for people with disabilities.
  • Find out how to get a qualified service dog for post-traumatic stress disorder or other disability.
  • Birth and adoption, death, divorce and separation, marriage, legal name changes, registry services, and ordering and updating documents.
  • Find financial assistance programs, affordable housing and job loss supports for people in need.
  • Help for individuals, families and children affected by or at risk of family violence, bullying, abuse, exploitation or homelessness.
  • Get information on common legal procedures including family law, restraining and protection orders, wills, estates and court hearings.
  • Alberta residents who are Canadian citizens and at least 18 years old can vote in the provincial election. Register with Elections Alberta.


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