Legal procedures and assistance

Legal assistance, mediation, family law assistance, restraining orders, Alberta courts, and court procedures, notices, filings and appeals.


Tools such as a personal directive, an enduring power of attorney or a will can help plan for your future and ensure your wishes are known.

Apply for a grant to explore and develop innovative community justice initiatives.

Courtroom transcripts, release of motor vehicle information and how to respond to legal applications or orders.

Alberta court locations, procedures and fees, and courtroom etiquette and jury duty.

Get an apostille to certify the authenticity of Canadian public documents for use in other countries.

Family court and mediation, family law kits, and how to respond to a Divorce Act or Family Law Act application.

Court and Justice Services (CJS) and help with legal procedures, including mediation and court forms.

Steps and forms to file an application or claim in court, make an appeal, serve a notice in a court application, or waive a filing fee.

Get a restraining or protection order, and how to respond if you have been served an order.