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The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) has updated its processes for contact info and arrears due to recent legislation amendments.

With the November 22, 2016 amendments to the Maintenance Enforcement Act, MEP has made changes to these processes:

Contact information

To ensure MEP has up-to-date client information, all clients are required by law to inform us about any changes to their information:

  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • employment (only payors of support)
  • income and other financial information (only payors of support)

Stay of Enforcement on Arrears

In a dispute between the payor or recipient of support over unpaid amounts, the payor may apply to the court for a Stay of Enforcement – a court order that tells MEP to stop or postpone its collection of arrears.

Before the court grants a Stay of Enforcement, the payor must show them that:

  • they tried to make a suitable payment arrangement with MEP
  • there was a reason why a payment arrangement wasn’t made with MEP

Unless the court order directs otherwise, a Stay of Enforcement:

  • only applies to the enforcement of arrears
  • doesn’t apply to the enforcement of ongoing amounts due
  • lasts 9 months
  • doesn’t stop MEP from collecting lump sum or non-periodic payments owed to the payor, such as inheritances, lottery winnings and settlements


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