Land management

Programs and services that support the long-term management of Alberta’s land and natural resources.

Services and information

  • This program conserves ecologically important areas to prevent habitat fragmentation, maintain biodiversity and preserve native landscapes.
  • Most of the original bands of Alberta’s feral horses are found west of the town of Sundre.
  • Grazing lease information and range management, monitoring and stewardship.
  • This unit is responsible for coordinating the establishment, maintenance and preservation of Alberta’s land survey system.
  • Agriculture disposition holders can find assistance with online submission requirements.
  • There are 32 provincial grazing reserves within the province that are administered by the Alberta government.
  • Rangeland is managed as a natural ecosystem that supports vegetation which can be consumed by both domestic livestock and wildlife.
  • These are the beds and shores of all lakes, rivers, streams and any permanent and naturally occurring water bodies within Alberta.