This type of assessment cannot be used for immigration purposes. Find out how to get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Canadian immigration purposes.

How to apply

Step 1. Before you apply

International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) evaluates formal academic/technical education. It does not evaluate trades training or vocational/professional training.

An IQAS assessment certificate can help you with:


If you are looking for a job, an IQAS assessment can help employers understand your education credentials. Attach a copy of your IQAS certificate to your resume and job applications when job searching, to help potential employers understand your educational credentials.


Some universities and colleges need an IQAS assessment for admission. When choosing a school or program to apply to, find out if they accept IQAS certificates.


Some professional regulatory organizations use IQAS assessments for their licensing process.

IQAS provides 3 different types of assessments for employment, education or licensure purposes. Ensure that you know which type of assessment you need.

Assessment types and costs

1. Assessment for employment (Basic)

The most common assessment type, the Basic Assessment is useful if you’re seeking general employment.

It lists:

  • the name of the institution attended
  • the degrees, diplomas or certificates received
  • the length of the program
  • a general statement outlining how your education compares to education in Canada


Application fee: $100

Courier fees:

  • to an address in Canada: $15
  • to an address outside of Canada: $75

An additional cost of $100 is required to assess the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) course work report.

2. Assessment for admission to post-secondary programs (Educational)

Provides an evaluation for admission into specified universities, colleges or institutes (PDF, 83 KB) in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

It lists:

  • all of the information from the Basic Assessment
  • level of achievement in specific high school subjects required for admission

For best assessment outcomes include both secondary and post-secondary credentials with transcripts/mark sheets for the Educational Assessment.


Application fee: $100

Courier fees:

  • to an address in Canada: $15
  • to an address outside of Canada: $75

3. Assessment for professional licensure (Specialized)

This type of assessment is needed by some specific universities, colleges (PDF, 83 KB) or professional regulatory organizations (PDF, 231 KB) in Alberta, Saskatchewan or the Northwest Territories.

The Specialized Assessment requires official documentation indicating courses taken and the number of credits or hours of study. IQAS cannot complete your assessment unless this information is supplied.

Applications for professional licensure (Specialized) assessments are processed within 15 business days only once all required documents are provided.


Application fee: $200, plus $75 for each additional degree or credential

Courier fees:

  • to an address in Canada: $15
  • to an address outside of Canada: $75

Step 2. Gather your documents

  • Do not send original documents unless required.
  • IQAS is not responsible for original documents that are not required and will not return them if submitted.
  • Prepare clear and legible scans or digital photos to upload with your online application of your identification, proof of name change (if applicable) and all educational credential supporting documents for the education you want to have assessed.
  • When submitting your online application, you may upload required documents at the ‘Document Checklist’ section. Please name your uploads clearly and ensure you are matching the upload to the applicable document on the checklist. If you forget or do not upload a required document, you will be contacted when the application is reviewed for completeness.
  • If you are in refugee-like situation, provide any documentation to IQAS you may have that reflects education you completed outside of Canada. IQAS will carefully review your documents and undertake research to determine if we can complete an assessment.

Step 3. Complete application and pay fees

  1. Complete and submit the online application using the IQAS application portal. IQAS offers different assessments. Be sure you request the correct assessment and submit the correct fees, as assessments for employment, education and licensure cannot be used to apply for Immigration to Canada.
  2. Make sure your application is complete. The following documents must be uploaded in the portal using a clear and legible scan or digital photo:
    • passport, identity pages or alternative government-issued identification (if passport is unavailable)
    • proof of name change (if applicable)
      • needed only if your current name is different than the name on the educational documents
      • can be a photocopy of a marriage certificate, record of landing, passport, etc.
      • does not need to be a certified true or notarized copy
    • educational documents you want to have assessed
    • translations for all non-English documents you are uploading
  3. While filling in the online form, you will be asked to pay the processing fee – payment options include:
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, Debit or Interac
  4. After you submit your online application, you will receive:
    • an email from IQAS with your file number and a final PDF version of your application, and
    • an email containing your payment receipt.
  5. Print the payment receipt.

Start your online application

If you applied before November 5, 2019, you must ensure that you have printed, signed (in ink) and mailed or couriered IQAS your paper application form. If you applied on or after November 5, 2019, you do not need to print, sign and send your paper application form to IQAS. As of November 5, 2019, applicants sign their form electronically as part of submitting the application.

Do not cancel or reapply, if you applied before November 5, 2019. Cancelling and reapplying will make your processing time longer. Follow the instructions related to your application at the time of submitting your application.

Academic documents must be uploaded in IQAS application portal.

After you apply

Delivery address

If your mailing address is in Canada, IQAS will mail your documents to a Canada Post Office near you. You will receive a Delivery Notice Card from Canada Post letting you know that your package is available for pick up. Canada Post keeps packages for 15 business days. You will need to collect your package on time and show proper identification.

If your mailing address is outside of Canada, your package will be delivered directly to your address.

Change of address

If your address changes after you apply, login to the IQAS application portal:

If IQAS needs more information

If IQAS needs any additional documents or information, you will be contacted by email, phone or mail. IQAS reserves the right to require original documents to verify your identity or education at any time after applying, and will return these originals to you if needed.

If IQAS cannot complete your assessment

If IQAS cannot complete the assessment for any reason, your application may be cancelled. IQAS will let you know if your application has been cancelled.


Refunds or partial refunds may be issued if an assessment cannot be completed due to insufficient documentation or a finding that the credentials submitted cannot be assessed by IQAS.

Refunds are not provided if documents appear to be:

  • altered
  • tampered with
  • forged
  • falsely translated

Request a duplicate certificate

  • Duplicate certificates cost $15 per copy, plus a $5 courier fee per mailing address.
  • To request an additional copy of your IQAS certificate, log in to the IQAS application portal here using your username.

Reassessment or appeal process

If you are not satisfied with your assessment, you may submit a request for reassessment in writing to the IQAS office.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of reassessment you can appeal in writing. You will need to pay a $75 appeal fee.

Written requests for reassessment or appeal must be submitted within one year of the original date of assessment.

Mail to:

International Qualifications Assessment Service
C/O Service Alberta Mailroom – Commerce Place
10155 102 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5J 4G8

Processing time

Things that affect processing time

  • Processing time starts when IQAS reviews the required documents  and the online application for completeness.
  • If an application includes more than one credential to be assessed, it will take at least 4 weeks longer than average processing times.
  • Assessment of some applications takes longer if extensive research is needed.
  • On average, an assessment takes about 6 weeks to process once all required documents, transcripts and payments are provided to IQAS. Times are not guaranteed and may change based on the number of applications. IQAS receives a high volume of applications.
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received.
  • Courier / mail delivery time is not included in the processing time.

Status updates

You can track delivery of your mail to IQAS through your courier.

Monitor the status of your application in the IQAS application portal:

  • if you applied before November 26, 2018, login here and create a portal account
  • if you applied after November 26, 2018, login here using your username

You will see the following statuses in the portal:

Status What it means
Submitted You completed an online application and made online payment
Received Your online application has been reviewed for completion
Payment pending Your online payment was not successful
Pending IQAS is waiting for transcripts/other documents, or delivered transcripts/documents were not processed yet
In line for processing All documents needed to start your assessment have been received and logged by IQAS
Assessing Your credentials are being assessed
On hold Your assessment cannot be completed until IQAS receives and logs additional documents, confirmation from educational institution etc.
Final Review Your credential has been assessed and is being validated
Mailed Your assessment was mailed to you
Cancellation pending You requested a cancellation and it is waiting to be processed
Cancelled Your application was cancelled following your request or because assessment could not be completed

Learn more about how IQAS completes assessments.


Connect with the International Qualifications Assessment Service:

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