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Information for consumers and industry from the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance.

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News from the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance, overview and related links.

Transforming Alberta’s auto insurance system so it is fair and sustainable for drivers and insurers now and in the future.

An expert advisory committee reviewed Alberta’s auto insurance system for options to reduce costs and ensure sustainability.

Insurance forms for consumers, insurers and health care practitioners.

Company information, complaints, automobile insurance, ride-for-hire services, floods, wildfires, voluntary sector and property insurance.

Publications, regulations and prescribed forms related to the treatment of patients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Filing requirements, forms, bulletins, notices, guidelines, legislation, company information and CCIR links.

Legislation and regulations, ministerial orders and directives from the Minister of Finance and interprovincial agreements.

Bulletins, Notices and Enforcement Activities issued by the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance.

Information from the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance related to unlicensed insurance.