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The Office of the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance is responsible for all insurance sector regulatory compliance activities performed by the offices of Financial Sector Regulation and Policy, a division of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance. This includes:

  • regulatory oversight of insurers operating in Alberta
  • prudential supervision of provincially-incorporated insurance companies

Compliance activities undertaken by the Superintendent ensure that insurance companies treat Albertans fairly. They include:

  • responding to consumer inquiries about the conduct of insurance companies in Alberta
  • performing insurer examinations
  • interpreting legislation

The Assistant Deputy Minister of Financial Sector Regulation and Policy is responsible for:

  • developing insurance policy for the insurance market in the province
  • making recommendations to the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

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Annual reports

The Superintendent of Insurance annual reports contain a summary of insurance business in Alberta for the year, summary of licences issued under the Insurance Act, statistical review, list of insurance companies licensed in Alberta and abstracts of returns.

Note: The Annual Report is not intended to provide an in-depth analysis of insurers’ profitability. Rather, the report provides a general insight into the health of insurance industry in Alberta.

  • Additional information about insurers’ profitability is provided for federally-registered insurers by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions on its website, and for provincially-registered insurers by their respective provincial supervisor.
  • Alberta’s can be found on this page: Insurance companies in Alberta.
  • Additional information on the profitability of auto insurers operating in Alberta can be requested, at a cost, from the General Insurance Statistical Agency.

As part of its oversight of the insurance industry, the Superintendent of Insurance ensures that insurance companies incorporated in Alberta are in good financial standing and well-positioned to fulfill obligations to claimants.

Annual statements of provincial companies are included in the annual reports for 2000 to 2007. For 2008 onward, see available financial data.


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