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    Minister Rick Wilson

    Rick Wilson was sworn in as Minister of Indigenous Relations on April 30, 2019.

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Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC) news conference attendees

The Alberta Indigenous Opportunity Corporation's mandate has expanded to include major agriculture, transportation and telecommunications projects.

Broadband announcement

Alberta’s government will invest up to $150 million to expand and improve broadband internet in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

The Residential Schools Community Research Grant was developed to fund engagement, research and related activities association with the deaths and burials of children at Indian residential schools.

The Alberta government appointed the Human Trafficking Task Force to prevent human trafficking and protect and empower survivors.

Calgary’s first urban Indigenous seniors living facility is being built with support from government-community partnerships.

Our revised Proponent’s Guide on Indigenous consultation eases red tape for industry and communities.

Key information

Our responsibilities

Working with Indigenous communities, the federal government, industry and other stakeholders to support strong, vibrant Indigenous communities and people who fully participate in a prosperous, competitive and diverse Alberta. The ministry is also responsible for:

  • promoting social and economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples
  • co-leading Indigenous training for all Alberta public servants
  • working with other ministries to develop opportunities for Indigenous Peoples to influence land and resource management decisions.

In focus


Budget 2022 is moving Alberta forward by building health system capacity, getting more Albertans working, and balancing the budget.

Supporting well-being for Indigenous women

Three grants will help provide Indigenous women in Alberta with the skills and support they need to find careers and improve their livelihoods.

Marking a milestone with First Nation health partners

Immunization records for First Nation members are now reliably accessible in real time, marking an important step to help reduce preventable disease.

Reclaiming Indigenous names

Residential school survivors and their families can file for a legal name change to traditional Indigenous names at no cost.

Partnering to build Indigenous housing in Calgary

Worked across governments and with Calgary community organizations to help create more affordable housing for Indigenous seniors.

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