Training Requirements

Health and safety committee (HSC) co-chairs, members and health and safety representatives (HS representatives) shall be permitted to take the greater of 16 hours or the number of hours they would normally work during two shifts, to attend work site health and training programs, seminars or courses of instruction.

The required HSC co-chair and HS representative training includes two mandatory courses:

  • HSC/HS representative prerequisite course (Part 1) – 2 hour course, provided free of charge; and
  • HSC/HS representative training course (Part 2) – 6 to 8 hour course, provided by designated training agencies.


For more information on HSC/HS representative training:

HSC/HS representative prerequisite training course

To ensure that course participants have the foundational knowledge needed before attending the mandatory HSC/HS representative training course, prerequisite training is required. The two-hour course (Part 1) can be delivered through any medium, as long as it meets the requirements prescribed in Part 1 of the Curriculum Standard.

Successful participants will receive a two hour credit. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion.

HSC/HS representative training course

Comprehensive training for committee members and representatives will be available through approved organizations. This training is from six to eight hours duration (Part 2) and may be delivered in multiple sessions. e.g. evenings or half days, etc.

The training is mandatory for HSC co-chairs and HS representatives, however any committee members or workers interested in health and safety, would benefit from attending the course. The content of Part 2 training is found in Part 2 of the Curriculum Standard.

Approved training providers

To register for courses, please select the training agency of your choice, from the list of approved trainers provided.

Approved training provider list

Links to the ministerial orders enabling the training program are provided below:

Delegation re OHS Designations (January 14, 2019)

Establish OHS Training and Curriculum (January 14, 2019)

Becoming an approved training provider

For information that outlines the criteria for agencies to be approved to deliver HSC and HS representative training please reference the Agency Standard, Curriculum Standard as well as the HSC and HS Rep Manual.

Complete applications can be e-mailed to