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Bullying helpline and information and resources.

Child abuse

Information, resources and support on child abuse, child intervention and family support services.

Child Intervention Panel

Ministerial panel will explore ways to improve Alberta’s child intervention system.

Child intervention services

Intervention services where there are concerns that a child or youth is being neglected or abused by their parents or guardians.

Child sexual exploitation

Information and resources regarding the sexual exploitation of children and youth.

Definition of abuse

Warning signs, understanding and types of abuse

Elder abuse

Information and resources if you are experiencing or have witnessed elder abuse.

Emergency shelters

Safe and supportive place for people to stay when fleeing domestic violence situations.

Family violence and abuse education, resources and legislation

Information and resources on education, legislation and awareness programs on family violence and child abuse.

Family violence and abuse help lines and support

Trained staff are available to provide advice and support to individuals and families 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 170 languages.

Preventing violence against women and girls

We work to prevent and end violence against women and girls, to support survivors and to root out why it happens.

Restraining and protection orders

Eligibility and applying for restraining and protecting orders for victims of violence and those afraid of their personal safety.

Safer Spaces Certificate to end tenancy

Tenants can end their tenancy agreement without financial penalty by getting a certificate confirming they're victims of domestic violence.

Sexual assault and abuse

Helpline, information and resources for sexual assault and abuse.