Sexual violence prevention and support

Information and supports to help address sexual violence in Alberta.


Alberta has made a government-wide commitment to help prevent sexual violence and improve supports for survivors.

Find information and resources to help understand, prevent and address sexual violence, including how you can play a role in combatting sexual assault, harassment and exploitation.

For urgent help:

In focus

Get help

Helplines, victim services, shelters and other supports to help those affected by sexual violence.

About sexual violence

Information about all forms of sexual violence, including who is most likely to be impacted.

Sexual consent

What sexual consent is, who cannot give consent, and what to do if intimate images have been published without your consent.

Take action

We all play a role in preventing and addressing sexual violence. Find out how to help someone who has experienced or is in danger of experiencing sexual violence, and learn how the Alberta government is helping prevent violence and support survivors.

How you can help

Government actions

Sexual assault care training


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