Bullying Helpline – Call 310-1818 or text 310-1818 or chat online for support, information or referrals.


Bullying creates fear and threatens the safety and well-being of individuals, families and society. It can affect anyone in any environment including schools, workplaces, online, social and community spaces.

No one has to tolerate bullying. It can be prevented. To end bullying, we need to work together and take action to:

  • raise awareness and understanding that bullying is a relationship problem
  • promote healthy relationships through skill building, role modelling and mentorship
  • create environments that prevent and respond to bullying effectively and consistently

We can also play a role through events and activities that promote bullying prevention. When we understand bullying and know how to respond, we create a more accepting society built on healthy and respectful relationships.

In focus

Individuals and organizations have a role to play in preventing bullying and promoting healthy relationships.
Get information in many languages to help identify, prevent and respond to bullying.
Get involved in activities across the province to learn how to stand up to bullying wherever it happens.
Wear a pink shirt to raise awareness about bullying prevention and healthy relationships.

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