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Self-represented litigants

This service is for people who don’t have a lawyer.

Use it to:

  • prepare for court
  • discuss your issues, explore your options and get you referrals

Intake appointments

This service is for parties who have a dependent child and a family law issue related to that child.

It is required if:

  • the court orders it
  • an application that deals with parenting, guardianship, contact or enforcement of time with a child is filed in Provincial Court (Calgary, Edmonton)
  • self-represented litigants in Calgary file an application under the Family Law Act dealing with:
    • parenting
    • guardianship
    • contact
    • enforcement of time with a child
    • child support
    • declaration of parentage
    • exclusive possession
  • self-represented litigants in Calgary file an application under the Extra-provincial Enforcement of Custody Orders Act that deals with the making, enforcement or variation of a custody order

With this service, we can help you:

  • get safety screened for family violence
  • understand options and services for resolving child-related disputes
  • understand how separation and conflict affects children
  • negotiate agreements and resolve disputes
  • prepare court applications and arrange court dates
  • get referrals to other programs and services

Find a counsellor

The map below includes information on family court assistance across the province. Search by location to find a counsellor near you.

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