The Fair Registration Practices Act provides the authority to create a Fair Registration Practices Office, ensuring that qualified individuals entering regulated professions and designated occupations or trades do not face unfair processes or barriers.

As of March 2, 2020, the Fair Registration Practices Office will operate under the working title of the Fairness for Newcomers Office.

The Fair Registration Practices Act and Regulation applies to more than 70 regulatory bodies that oversee the licensing and certification of more than 170 professions, occupations and trades in Alberta.


What we do

The Fairness for Newcomers Office:

  • works with regulatory bodies to streamline, simplify and accelerate the assessment of qualifications by eliminating barriers to registration
  • helps regulatory bodies, government departments and other stakeholders understand the Fair Registration Practices Act
  • reviews registration and assessment practices of regulatory bodies
  • makes recommendations to regulatory bodies to help them improve registration practices
  • assists regulatory bodies in complying with the Fair Registration Practices Act

What we do not do

The Fairness for Newcomers Office does not work with individual applicants or participate in:

  • registration decisions that a regulatory body has made about an application
  • internal review or appeal decisions that a regulatory body has made about an applicant
  • assessments of an applicant’s registration qualifications

Regulatory bodies

The Alberta government delegates self-governing responsibilities to a number of regulatory bodies which oversee many professions, occupations and trades. These regulatory bodies are responsible for the registration, licensing/certification, discipline and standards of conduct of its members.

Learn more about Alberta regulatory bodies.


Connect with the Fairness for Newcomers Office:

Phone: 780-422-6777
Email: [email protected]