Recognizing International Qualifications

People from around the world come to Alberta to work and live. They bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience that contributes to our workforce and adds to the cultural diversity of our province.

Alberta's Foreign Qualification Recognition Plan includes an Innovation Fund to support stakeholders in developing the tools and resources they need to improve FQR systems and practices.

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Get your credentials assessed

If you need to have your international academic credentials assessed, visit International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).

For recognition of professional qualifications, apply to the relevant professional regulatory organization.

FQR resources

  • Windmill Microlending
    Information about micro loans for the accreditation, training and upgrading of internationally trained immigrants.
  • Canadian Immigrant Integration Program
    Watch a video that highlights some supports and services for newcomers who are finalizing their immigration requirements to come to Canada.
  • Navigating the Interview Videos and Guide
    Videos and guide help applicants understand the Canadian interview process, improve job interview skills and explain to employers their skills and experience. Also helps employers understand and assess the skills of internationally educated applicants.

Working in Alberta

  • Transferring your credentials
    Access resources to determine which occupations and trades are regulated in Alberta, and whether you need to have your foreign-earned qualifications assessed.
  • Occupational profiles
    Learn about over 500 occupations – from duties, salaries and advancement opportunities to personal characteristics and educational qualifications.


Pan-Canadian FQR publications

Workplace diversity and inclusion

Free online interactive tool helps employers bring workplace diversity and inclusion to their organizations.

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This course uses questions and practical examples to help employers understand:

  • the changing face of Canada
  • the need for strong intercultural communication in the workplace
  • the benefits of a culturally diverse workplace in improving business opportunities
  • how to build and create a welcoming and inclusive organization


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