Crown mineral disposition

The Crown Mineral Disposition Review Committee (CMDRC) helps determine whether to make certain minerals available for sale to industry.


Industry must obtain agreements for petroleum, natural gas, coal, oil sands and metallic and industrial minerals. They do this by contacting Alberta Energy and Minerals.

If the mineral is available, industry can ask for it to be included on the land-sale schedule. Alberta Energy and Minerals refers those requests to the CMDRC.


Who the CMDRC is

The CMDRC is made up of representatives from:


The CMDRC was created in 1971. It was established under the Land Conservation Regulations (Land Surface Conservation and Reclamation Act).

The Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act came into effect in 1993. Since then, the CMDRC has continued through Section 10(2) of the act.

What the CMDRC does

The CMDRC is an interdepartmental committee. It reviews proposed mineral dispositions to identify environmental impacts both certain and possible.

These reviews are general assessments. They identify major concerns that can affect surface access for mineral exploration and development.

The CMDRC passes its reviews, including suggested restrictions, on to the Department of Energy and Minerals. The department determines if those restrictions should prevent a sale. If not, they will approve posting the minerals for sale.

More information

To learn more about Crown mineral rights and major surface concerns in public offering notices, see: Information letter 2011-21.