Crime prevention

Learn about supports and services being used across the province to help promote crime prevention initiatives in our communities.


Crime Prevention Week in 2021 was May 9 to 15.

All Albertans deserve to feel safe in their communities. Through programs, grants and services, Community Initiatives Supports engages local communities to take part in reducing crime risk and promoting positive behaviours.

Our unit partners with:

  • community groups
  • grassroots groups
  • law enforcement
  • non-profit organizations
  • volunteer groups
  • youth justice committees

Risk and protective factors

Risk factors

Risk factors are negative circumstances and influences that increase the likelihood a person will commit crime. These factors are wide-ranging and complex. They can be unique to a person or represent a broader societal issue.

Risk factors can include:

  • unemployment and low income
  • education levels including high school dropout rates
  • changes in families and parenting
  • household size
  • alcohol and drug use
  • shifting societal values
  • increased migration to cities
  • changes in communities where people don’t know each other

Protective factors

Protective factors are positive characteristics, conditions or behaviours that help distance people from risk factors. These help reduce the likelihood that a person will commit a crime or become a victim.

Positive factors include:

  • positive attitudes and coping skills
  • supportive family
  • positive and healthy peers
  • living in low-crime communities with access to support services

Alberta Crime Prevention Week

Crime Prevention Week raises awareness about what communities can do to help keep their neighbourhoods safe.

We work with the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association to coordinate a variety of activities during the annual Crime Prevention Week, including:

  • workshops about personal safety with examples of actions that people can take at home and at work to prevent crime
  • information sessions and membership drives for programs like Neighbourhood Watch and Alberta Citizens on Patrol
  • opportunities for people to get to know law enforcement officials in their community

Read the Crime Prevention Week Guide for information about how to plan and publicize Crime Prevention Week activities in your community.

Awards and funding

Every year there are awards and funding for communities, organizations and law enforcement to help communities and organizations as they work to prevent crime and support victims of crime.

Alberta Community Justice Awards

The Alberta Community Justice Awards are an annual event that recognizes the important work volunteers, communities, organizations and law enforcement do to help prevent crime and support victims.

Proceeds of Crime Fund

The Proceeds of Crime Fund provides additional financial support for law enforcement and their work preventing crime and providing drug education.

The Proceeds of Crime Fund:

  • receives forfeited funds from federally prosecuted Criminal Code offences
  • provides grants up to $20,000 per project for a maximum of 18 months

Only police organizations are eligible to apply for this grant. Future grant calls will be made directly to police services with the accompanying directions of how to apply.


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