Accommodations information

Albertans can explore and learn more about continuing care accommodations across the province. The Continuing Care Facility Directory includes listings for all publicly funded continuing care homes and participating licensed supportive living sites.

Using the directory, you can find detailed information about the type of accommodation and location, including:

  • services and available amenities
  • accommodation charges
  • information about quality and standards, such as resident and family experience survey and inspection outcomes
  • photos, maps and contact information to help with the decision process

Search the Continuing Care Facility Directory

Learn about Accommodation Standards Licensing and Public Reporting

More information on supportive living accommodations, including housing registries, is available from:

Caregiver resources

Family and friend caregivers play an important role in supporting continuing care clients and the overall continuing care system.

It is important that you, as a caregiver, are able to take the time to maintain your own health and wellbeing. Here are some resources to help caregivers: