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Information, workshops and other resources for private water well owners.

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Working Well


In June 2006, a series of groundwater and coal bed methane (CBM) public information sessions were held in central and southern Alberta. These sessions addressed landowner concerns about CBM development potentially affecting groundwater supplies.

Following these sessions, additional workshops were requested by water well owners related to water well management (such as proper construction, operation and maintenance). This led to the establishment of the Working Well program.

Our vision

The Working Well program works to ensure safe and secure groundwater supplies for water well users in Alberta.

Our objectives

Awareness: To help water well owners recognize that management of private wells is their responsibility, and to understand the potential impacts of human activities on groundwater.

Knowledge: To help well owners gain a basic understanding of groundwater science, how a water well works, and how a well should be managed.

Practice Change: To help well owners acquire the knowledge and skills to adopt recommended water well management practices.

Our partners

Working Well is a collaborative effort, led by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas with the support of:

We also appreciate the past and present support of:

  • Leduc County
  • Yellowhead County
  • Brazeau County