User ID for Industry Online Services

Learn how to acquire a User ID in order to access certain Government of Alberta online services.

User ID for EDS and PCS

External Stakeholders (i.e., industry, company representatives, land agents, land administrators, consultants, and Individuals) using the Electronic Disposition System requires a Government of Alberta User Account ID and password to access SecureXnet and the following online services:

  • Electronic Disposition System (EDS)
  • Plan Confirmation Service (PCS)

All users submit applications for dispositions on Public Lands for ALR, DLO, DML, DMS, DPI, DPL, EZE, LOC, MLL, MSL, PLA, PIL, REA, REC, RVC, SML, and VCE require a User ID to access EDS and PCS.

How to Get a User ID for EDS and PCS

Allow 7 to 10 business days for processing. Complete the EDS & PCS User ID Request Form request form found under the User IDs & Client IDs for access to Industry Online Services category at:

Electronic Consent

To do business with the department electronically, you must give your consent. For details and access to a consent form, refer to Electronic Consent at:

Accessing Electronic Assignments

Clients must have an Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Account to participate in the electronic assignment process, see:

Contact ETS to set up an account: