Electronic Assignments Service

This online service helps clients request the assignment of surface land dispositions in Alberta.


The Electronic Assignment Service is an online service that enables clients to request assignments of surface dispositions issued under Alberta's Public Lands Act.

Electronic assignments include all transactions, documents and data exchanges associated with the assignment of the disposition holder's interest in the surface disposition to another party.


At this time, the system allows for full assignment of disposition types:

  • Easement (EZE)
  • Licence of Occupation (LOC or DLO)
  • Mineral Surface Lease (MSL or DMS)
  • Pipeline Installation Lease (PIL)
  • Pipeline Agreement (PLA or DPL)
  • Vegetation Control Easement (VCE or RVC)

The Electronic Assignment Service extends the functionality of the Electronic Transfer System (ETS), developed by Alberta Energy and Minerals for oil and gas agreement transfers.

The Electronic Assignment Service reduces administration process due to online entry and verification. Industry can access all their information online to complete a request for an assignment.

Getting started

Clients must have an ETS Account to access the electronic assignment process. For information on getting an account, see the Electronic Transfer System.

For more information, see Electronic Assignments Procedures Guide.


Corinne Kristensen – Senior Manager, Environmental Assessment Approvals

Phone: 310-LAND (5263)
Email: [email protected]