Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance

Responsible for budget planning, financial management and economic analysis, as well as the administration of tax and revenue programs.

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  • Alberta spends $5 million each day in interest payments
    Alberta spent $1.9 billion on debt last year. That's over $5 million a day.
  • A close up of a man wearing a suit cutting red tape with scissors.
    We’re cutting red tape to make life easier for hard-working Albertans and businesses. Submit your ideas and learn more about this important initiative.
  • Personal income tax calculator

    Use our calculator to estimate your personal income taxes.

  • Corporate income tax

    Corporations are required to file a corporate income tax return with Tax and Revenue Administration in addition to Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Insurance

    Information for consumers and industry from the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance.

Our responsibilities

The Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance focuses on:

  • accountability
  • financial management
  • human resource and communications leadership
  • regulation of Alberta’s liquor, gaming, cannabis, financial, securities, insurance and pensions sectors

Monitoring the environment in which the ministry operates is essential to successfully meet the needs of government and Albertans.

The ministry consists of the Department of Treasury Board and Finance, together with Communications and Public Engagement, the Public Service Commission and 9 provincial agencies. The ministry also administers 9 regulated funds.

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