Third-party organizations

Allows firms or individuals representing taxpayers to self-manage access to their client’s corporate income tax account information.

Important notices

Access your account information online

As of October 3, 2022, Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) will no longer be processing phone or email requests for basic account information.

Account owners or their representatives can access most of the information related to corporate income taxes in the Tax and Revenue Administration Client Self-Service (TRACS) portal. Currently accessible information includes:

  • installment balances
  • financial or assessment details
  • statement of accounts
  • copies of Notice of (Re)Assessments.

See below for the complete list of functions available to third-party organizations.

To enrol in TRACS:

  • Account owners (corporate director or business owner) and representatives (authorized employees of the business, agents or other third parties representing clients in a program other than corporate income tax) complete the TRACS Enrolment Request. See TRACS for instructions.
  • Third-party representatives for corporate income tax (for example, accounting firms, bookkeepers, accountants, etc.) complete the Third-Party Organization Enrolment. For instructions, see below for How to enrol.

TRA's online services

Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) encourages taxpayers to use electronic means (for example: Netfile, TRACS, secure email, electronic payment, etc.) to submit payments, registrations, applications, returns, claims, objections, waivers and appeals.

TRA recognizes electronic signatures. To add a digital signature, the form must first be downloaded or opened as a PDF.

For more information, see TRA online services.


A firm or individual that represents one or more clients for Alberta corporate income tax may enrol with TRA to access client’s corporate income tax account information online using TRACS.

See the What is a Third-party organization and How to Enrol video for more information.

Functions available to third-party organizations

Once enrolled, a third-party organization can:

  • add or remove representatives
  • generate a pre-populated consent form for the client to certify
  • manage who has access to a specific client’s corporate income tax account within the firm
  • access client corporate income tax account information including:
    • instalment and account balances
    • assessment statuses
    • notices of assessment and reassessment
  • submit supporting documents within a client’s account
  • update a client’s address
  • complete a notice of objection within a client’s account
  • create and manage groups of representatives and client accounts within the third-party organization account
  • view reports

How to enrol

A representative from the third-party organization, who has an Alberta government-issued photo ID and is one of the following can complete the third-party organization enrolment form online:

  • owner
  • corporate director
  • partner of a partnership
  • trustee of an estate
  • an individual with delegated authority

The person completing the third-party organization enrolment form will have full access including:

  • adding or removing clients
  • adding or removing other representatives
  • creating or modifying groups
  • viewing reports

See the What is a Third-party organization and How to Enrol video for more information.

Note: The third-party organization’s Corporate Account Number (CAN) or Federal Business Number (FBN) is required to enrol.

Step 1: Create or sign into your Account

  • Create a verified account.
  • Enter the activation code received in the mail on the Manage account page to complete the verification process.
  • See Common questions at Account for more information.

Continue to Account

Step 2: Complete the Third-Party Enrolment form in TRACS

  • Once the verification process is complete, login to TRACS. Sign in using your Account Digital Identity user name and password. Once you sign in, you will be redirected to TRACS.
  • Select ‘Online Registration.’
  • Choose 'Third-Party Organization' from the Program Name menu.

Step 3: Complete and submit the online enrolment form

  • If approved, you will immediately be re-directed to your TRACS home page.
  • If further review is required after you submit your enrolment, you will receive a pending status notification and a reference number. TRA may need to contact you for further information.
  • You will receive an approval email once your enrolment has been processed.

How to add a client’s account

See the Manage Clients video for more information including how to remove a client's account.

Step 1: Create the consent form

  • Log in to your third-party organization’s TRACS account and select ‘Manage Clients.’
  • Select ‘Create Client Consent Form.’
  • Enter the client’s corporate legal name and Alberta corporate account (access) number (CAN).
  • Review the account privileges and de-select the privileges not required for this specific client.

Step 2: Client completes the certification section

  • Send the pre-populated consent form to your client.
  • The client completes the certification section and then sends the consent form back to you.

Step 3: Upload the consent form

  • Log in to your third-party organization’s TRACS account and select ‘Manage Client.’
  • Select ‘Upload Consent Form.’
  • Select the appropriate client’s account from the list.
  • Upload the completed consent form:
    • PDF versions will validate immediately
    • JPEG or other scanned images will take longer to validate.
    • You will be notified if the upload was successful.

How to add a representative

See the Manage Representatives video for more information including how to modify a representative’s role or remove a representative.

Step 1: Add representative

  • Log in to your third-party organization’s TRACS account and select ‘Manage Representatives.’
  • Select ‘Add Representative.’
  • Enter the representative’s first and last name and select the user role.
  • Give the PIN number created and third-party organization account number (BIN) to the representative.

Step 2: Representative enrols

  • The representative creates or logs in to their own Account.
    • Must have a verified account if they were set up as a Third-Party Representative Lead role in Step 1.

Step 3: Representative adds account

  • Add account by entering the account number (BIN) and PIN.

How to create a group

See the Manage Groups video for more information including how to create a new group or modify an existing group.

Step 1: Create a group

  • Log in to your third-party organization’s TRACS account and select ‘Manage Groups.’
  • Select 'Create Group.'
  • Enter the name of the group and if applicable, enter a description.

Step 2: Add client accounts to the group

  • Search for client’s accounts by legal name or corporate account number (CAN.)
  • Select the client account(s) from the list and select 'Add Client(s).'
  • Repeat this step to add more client accounts (if applicable.)

Step 3: Add representatives to the group

  • Search for representatives by first name, last name or both.
  • Select the representative(s) from the list and select ‘Add Representative(s).’
  • Repeat this step to add more representatives (if applicable.)

Step 4: Review and submit

  • Review selected client(s) and representative(s).
  • Select 'Submit' to create the group.


TRACS help topics

Account number

  • An account number is necessary for enrolling into TRACS. It links you to the account that you wish to access.
  • The account number is your Alberta Business Identification Number (BIN), and is located at the top of all the Third-Party Organization TRACS pages.

Lost or expired PIN

  • If you have lost your personal identification number (PIN) or your PIN has expired, another must be issued.
  • To obtain another PIN, contact the individual or entity that issued your previous PIN.

Maintaining access to your TRACS account

  • For security and privacy reasons, it is important that an account owner controls who can access the account and what account information each individual is allowed to see.
  • It is good business practice to regularly review who has access to the account and modify permissions (access) accordingly.
  • Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration is not responsible for delegating or maintaining access to an account.

Automatic sign out after inactivity

  • For security purposes, you will be automatically logged out of TRACS after 15 minutes of session inactivity.
  • Note: due to a standard established by the Government of Alberta, you will also be required to confirm your login credentials after one hour of continuous session activity.

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See managing your account.

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