There are two sets of guidelines to read before you apply for a Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) grant:

  • the Program Guidelines, which provide the overall rules and requirements of the SRP across all grant application periods
  • the Supplemental Guidelines for each grant application period, which provide the specific details and criteria of that particular grant period.

Both must be thoroughly reviewed to prepare a successful grant application.

Current guidelines

All current guidelines can also be found in the How to Apply section of the Site Rehabilitation Program Apply for a Grant webpage.

For quick reference, here is a list of the current SRP Guidelines:

Site Rehabilitation Program Guidelines

Read the Program Guidelines first, for an overview of the SRP rules and eligibility criteria.

Site Rehabilitation Program Guidelines

Supplemental Guidelines Application Period 3

Read the SRP Supplemental Guidelines for Application Period 3 to prepare to apply for a Period 3 grant

SRP Supplemental Guidelines Application Period 3

Supplemental Guidelines Reassessment Period 1B

There are remaining funds from grant periods 1 and 2 – in total, more than $100 million. For this reason, government is reassessing declined Period 1 applications for abandonment work. This is because abandonment work must be completed first on a site so that reclamation and remediation can follow.

Read the SRP Supplemental Guidelines for Reassessment Period 1B for details about how Period 1 abandonment applications will be reassessed.

SRP Supplemental Guidelines Reassessment Period 1B

Only existing Period 1 applications are being reassessed in Period 1B. Applicants do not have to reapply. No new applications will be accepted in Period 1B.


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