Site Rehabilitation Program – Grant invoicing and payment

Information for oil field service companies about how to submit SRP invoicing to receive interim and final grant payments.

Program update

The deadline to submit final invoice reports for work completed under the Site Rehabilitation Program has closed and the program is not accepting any new invoice submissions.


The Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) provides grants to oil field service contractors to perform well, pipeline, facility, and oil and gas site closure and reclamation work.

Contractors who have been approved for an SRP grant must submit invoicing to receive their interim and final grant payments. An optional invoice template in Word and PDF fillable formats is available for your use.

Follow these steps to submit your interim and final invoicing on the SRP application site.

Common invoice report errors

In response to inquiries from industry, the most common reasons for declining invoice submissions and the specific page reference to the requirement in the Invoice and Reporting Guidelines (IRG) are listed below. While all requirements of the invoicing guidelines must be met in their entirety, these are provided as the most common errors or omissions seen during reviews to assist with preparing submissions.

  • Missing or incomplete proof of sub-contractor payment
    • See guidelines section: Proof of sub-contractor payment, IRG page 17
  • Incorrect payment amounts requested and/or not supported by invoice submissions
    • See figure 6 Payment Requested, IRG page 22
  • Missing Licensee signature on covering/main invoice that includes all work completed and charges
    • See guidelines section: Invoice and Payment Request Details, IRG page 14
  • No valid AER OneStop Submission ID provided
    • See guidelines sections: Invoice and Payment Request Details, IRG page 16 and Final Payment Request, page 27
  • Progressive Reclamation Declaration Form not included or filled out in its entirety
    • See guidelines sections: Invoice and Payment Request Details, IRG page 16 and figure 10 Generating and Filling out the Progressive Reclamation Document, page 27
    • An optional fillable PDF is available for your use: Progressive Reclamation Declaration Form template
  • Supporting invoices for work completed are missing from the invoice submission or not sufficient
    • See guidelines section: Invoice and Payment Request Details, IRG page 14
  • GST or carbon tax is included in the grant payment amount requested
    • See guidelines section: Invoice and Payment Request Details, IRG page 17
  • Missing infrastructure site IDs or they do not match the ones approved in the SRP grant agreement
    • See guidelines section: Payment Request and Review Process, IRG page 12
  • Incorrect project data numbers provided in Section H
    • See guidelines section: Final Payment Request, IRG page 28

Submitting an invoice

Step 1. Make sure you have the following documentation

You will need the following to fill out the invoice and reporting forms on the SRP application site – known as the Electronic Transfer System – and submit a payment request:

  • a copy of the invoice from your company to the licensee for the work completed to date
    • the invoice must be verified and signed by the licensee
    • the invoice must not include ineligible costs such as:
      • administration fees, commissions and marketing expenses
      • costs of work to prepare for contract bids, grant applications or contracts
      • similar costs not directly incurred in relation to eligible closure activities
      • overhead-related expenses such as cell phone charges, vehicle purchase payments, insurance payments, etc.

Your interim invoice report must be reviewed and approved before you can submit a final payment request for the same grant, unless you are ready to submit only one final payment request for the grant application.

If you are ready to submit the final invoice report at the same time as any interim invoices, you are now able to skip making an interim payment request for completed projects. If you skip the interim payment request, it is a permanent decision that is not reversible in the Electronic Transfer System.

You will also need the following to submit your final invoice report:

  • submission ID numbers from Alberta Energy Regulator’s OneStop system for any major closure milestones

You can only upload one PDF file to ETS for each payment request so make sure to combine all documents into one PDF before uploading. If you upload a second PDF file, the first will be deleted and replaced.

Proof of Sub-contractor Payment

Before interim or final payment is issued, prime contractors and lead contractors must show that their sub-contractors have been paid for the work completed to date. 

Sufficient proof of payment includes a copy of one of the following:

  1. an electronic transfer of funds with bank or other financial institution transaction numbers (NOTE: Remittance advice or internal payment system statements without supporting bank transaction information or statement is not sufficient),
  2. a processed/cleared cheque with bank endorsement information on the back of the cheque, or
  3. a document from the sub-contractor confirming payment receipt. The document must reference their invoice number and amount paid.

Waiver of Pre-Payment Requirement

Prime contractors may voluntarily request that the Government of Alberta waive this requirement by following the waiver of pre-payment process described in the updated Invoice and Reporting Guidelines. Templates in Word for the three different types of documents required in the waiver process for proof of sub-contractor payment are available for your use.

  1. Forbearance Certificate (PDF or DOCX)
  2. Waiver of SRP Pre-Payment Requirement (PDF or DOCX)
  3. Direction to Pay (PDF or DOCX)

Step 2. Fill out the Invoice and Reporting Form online

Follow the steps in the updated Invoice and Reporting Guidelines to submit interim and final payment requests using the online SRP application site – known as the Electronic Transfer System (ETS). You will use your existing ETS Site Rehabilitation Program user ID and password to log in to ETS and submit a payment request.

You can only submit 1 interim and 1 final payment request for each grant – ETS will not accept multiple payment requests for either interim or final payments. Make sure you have all required documentation to make a full interim or final payment request before submitting.

Optional invoice templates

After invoice report submission

We will review and verify your invoice report. Once this is done and the invoice report is approved for payment, you will receive your next grant instalment, either by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or cheque – whichever payment method you identified as preferable. We anticipate that you will receive your grant instalment within 30 days after submitting your invoice report.

Grant payments will be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by cheque issued by Alberta Energy and Minerals, whichever is preferred. To get an EFT payment, you must complete an Application for EFT Direct Deposit form when you sign and return your first grant agreement. Only one EFT Direct Deposit Form is required for one company even if they are receiving multiple grants. If you change your banking information after the first grant payment, fill out the Application for EFT Direct Deposit Form and submit to [email protected] for processing.

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers.

If you are having problems opening the form, contact PDF form technical support.


Connect with the Site Rehabilitation Program, Program Design Implementation and Monitoring Section:

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