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Resources for professional archaeologists

Information for professional archaeologists working in Alberta.

Professional qualifications

All archaeological investigations in Alberta must be conducted by a professional who meets the minimum requirements set out under the Archaeological and Palaeontological Research Permit Regulation.

Prior to applying for their first permit in Alberta, an archaeologist must request a review of their qualifications by emailing the Director, Archaeological Survey:

Email: [email protected].

Archaeological research permits

An approved researcher or consultant can apply for a permit using the Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) system.

After creating and activating an OPaC account, contact the Manager, Regulatory Approvals and Information Management to have permissions activated. Proof of approval to hold an archaeological permit may be requested.

Email: [email protected]

Archaeological information

These documents address requirements for how archaeological work is to be conducted and reported in Alberta.

Archaeological survey notes

Read all the survey notes, including:

  • Maps in Permit Reports
  • Stone Circle Testing Procedures
  • Submission Reminders and Additional Guidelines

Archaeological information bulletins

Read all the information bulletins, including:

  • Archaeological Resources Baseline Assessments
  • Confidentiality of Site Information in Reports and Statements of Justification
  • Digital Data Submission
  • Historic Resources Statements of Justification
  • Maps in Permit Applications and Reports
  • Overdue Reports
  • Permit Obligations and Employment Change
  • Wind Power Projects
  • Winter Conditions

Archaeological site form and guide

Archaeological report guidelines

Artifact submission guidelines

Spatial data standards

Recording historic structures

Archaeologists who encounter historic structures or structure remains during the conduct of historic resources impact assessment must record them in accordance with the requirements set out by the Heritage Survey.