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The Archaeological Survey of Alberta publishes information of interest to professional archaeologists, hobbyists and general enthusiasts. Feature articles and dedicated volumes appear in two series, the Manuscript Series and Occasional Paper Series.

Occasional papers series

While the original Occasional Papers Series was discontinued from 1991 to 2003, it’s now back as an online resource. This series features articles that examine the many aspects of archaeological research in Alberta. Below, you can download entire volumes of Occasional Papers dating back to 1975.

Authors are also encouraged to submit articles about Alberta archaeology for consideration. Take a look at the Manuscript Submissions Guidelines to find out how.

Manuscript series

From 1985-1990, the Archaeological Survey of Alberta published a series of full-length manuscripts about significant archaeological projects in Alberta. Free digital copies are available for download below. Some hard copies are available for purchase through the Royal Alberta Museum gift shop.

The Cranford Site, DIPb-2, A Multicomponent Stone Circle Site on the Oldman River, Manuscript Series 17, 1990 
225 pp. (Plus appendices)
Glen S. L. Stuart

Final Report of the 1985 and 1986 Field Seasons at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, Manuscript Series 16, 1989 
357 pp.
Jack Brink and Bob Dawe

Annotated Bibliography: Late Quaternary Studies in Alberta’s Western Corridor 1950-1988, Manuscript Series 15, 1989 
362 pp.
Alwynne B. Beaudoin

The Ross Site (DlPd-3) 1980 Research, Manuscript Series 14, 1989 
158 pp.
J. Roderick Vickers

Historical Resource Investigations within the Forty Mile Coulee Reservoir Manuscript Series, 13, 1988 
370 pp.
John H. Brumley and Barry J. Dau

Medicine Wheels on the Northern Plains: a Summary and Appraisal, Manuscript Series 12, 1988 
126 pp.
John H. Brumley

A Selected Bibliography of Historical Artifacts: c. 1760-1920, Manuscript Series 11, 1988 
325 pp.
Mary Margaret Smith and Heinz Pyszczyk

Ross Glen: a Besant Stone Circle Site in Southeastern Alberta, Manuscript Series 10, 1986 
208 pp.
J. Michael Quigg

Final Report of the 1984 Season at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, Manuscript Series 9, 1986 
445 pp.
Jack Brink, Milt Wright, Bob Dawe, and Doug Glaum

Blackfoot Ethnography, Manuscript Series 8, 1986 
217 pp.
Kenneth E. Kidd

Hawkwood Site (EgPm-179): a Multi-component Prehistoric Campsite on Nose Hill, Manuscript Series 7, 1985 
225 pp.
Stan Van Dyke and Sally Stewart

The Archaeology of Victoria Post, 1864-1897, Manuscript Series 6, 1985 
225 pp.
Michael R. A. Forsman

A Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distribution on a Boreal Forest Archaeological Site, Manuscript Series 5, 1985 
167 pp.
John W. Ives

The Results of Mitigative Excavation During the Fall of 1979, Strathcona Science Park Archaeological Site (FiPi-29), Manuscript Series 4, 1985 
223 pp. (Bound with nos. 2 and 3)
John W. Ives

Archaeological Excavation at the Strathcona Science Park Site (FiPi-29), Manuscript Series 3, 1985 
108 pp. (Bound with nos. 2 and 4)
Heinz Pyszczyk

FiPi-29, a Prehistoric Workshop Site in the Alberta Parklands, Manuscript Series 2, 1985 
119 pp. (Bound with nos. 3 and 4) 
Barry Newton and John W. Pollock

Final Report of the 1983 Season at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, Manuscript Series 1, 1985 
373 pp.
Jack Brink, Milt Wright, Bob Dawe, and Doug Glaum


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