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Archaeological survey, permits, sites, resources and report a find.


Archaeology is alive and well in Alberta. Archaeology is not restricted to Drumheller or the Badlands, but all over the province.

Learn more about archaeology in Alberta and what to do if you find something that might be of archaeological value. Archaeologists are also required to have permits for surveys. There are also publications and resources needed to operate in Alberta.


Archaeological sites in Alberta – Alberta has over 40,000 recorded archaeological sites that are managed by the Government of Alberta.

Report an archaeological find – Help preserve and protect Alberta’s historic resources by reporting your finds.

Archaeological research permits – Learn who can apply for a permit to survey land or excavate archaeological sites in Alberta.

Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) – Submit online applications related to historic resource studies and approvals or get permits for research on Alberta’s parks and wildlife.

Archaeological survey of Alberta publications – Publications for professional and part time archaeologists and general enthusiasts.

Resources for professional archaeologists – Information for professional archaeologists working in Alberta.