Resources for educators

Discover resources, including bursary and exchange programs, supported through regular or additional OLEP funding.

Resources for educators – The Institute for Innovation in Second Language Education (IISLE) at Edmonton Public Schools in partnership with Canadian Parents for French Alberta and Alliance française developed this career pathway toolkit to inform students of the importance of learning and teaching French and the skills required to be successful.

Edmonton Public Schools' resource hub – IISLE has developed a number of resources to support the teaching and learning of French as a Second Language and French Immersion. Some resources include:

French Immersion Career Launch Program, created by the Association Canadienne des professionnels de l’immersion (ACPI), provides free early career supports specific to teaching in a French immersion program.

Other resources – The Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC), Consortium provincial francophone pour le perfectionnement professionnel (CPFPP), and the Fédération des conseils scolaires de l’Alberta (FCSFA) collaborated with teachers on the development of this hub and its linked web pages that offer teaching and learning resources and communities of practice.

L’immersion française - Ressources Gr. M-9 – Created by the ARPDC with the support of CPFPP and over 40 French immersion educators across Alberta, this webpage allows educators to discover French immersion resource links sorted by curricular topic and shared by Alberta teachers.

Student enrolment data in French language education programs This report presents the number of student enrolments by French program type, authority, school, and grade, and is sourced from the end of June for each school year. A summary of enrolments in each program type since 1988, as well as graphs, are also included.

Programs and bursaries

  • Pan-Canadian official languages programs (Odyssey, Explore and Destination Clic) help young people improve their language skills in English and French.
  • The Individual Teacher Bursary Program helps eligible teachers get funding for French language education training and professional development.
  • The Quebec Student Exchange Program pairs high school students from Alberta with students in Quebec to attend school together for 12 weeks in Alberta and 12 weeks in Quebec.
  • The Language Teacher Bursary Program helps eligible French and international language teachers get provincial funding to complete a language, culture or teaching development course or program. The federal government does not fund this bursary.

Career opportunities

Enseigner en Alberta (French only) displays job offers from the four Francophone regional school authorities in addition to providing relevant information on Francophone education in Alberta. It is brought to teachers by the FCSFA in collaboration with the Francophone regional school authorities.


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