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What will a refocused health care system mean for you?

Right now, the system gets in the way of health care delivery. It is complex and uncoordinated, resulting in unacceptable wait times, service disruptions and problems accessing primary care like family doctors.

What a refocused system means for you:

  • Timely access to a health care practitioner 
  • Shorter wait times for surgery and at the ER
  • Consistent access to continuing care
  • Expanded access to mental health and addiction treatment

We need to get you the right care when and where you need it.

To do this, we’re refocusing health care to prioritize patients and empower frontline health care professionals. The first step is creating a unified health system with 4 specialized areas of focus: primary care, acute care, continuing care and mental health and addiction.

Through this refocusing, we will create a more effective, unified health care system that supports Albertans for generations to come. 

Icon of a stethoscope

Primary Care

Icon of a hospital

Acute Care

Icon of a hand holding a person standing with a cane.

Continuing Care

Icon of a head with a circular maze as the brain with little lines radiating out of the head.

Mental Health and Addiction

The Alberta Association of Nurses is highly supportive of the bold steps the Government of Alberta is taking to refocus the health care system. These changes will help create better work environments for nurses and enable them to better provide care that meets the needs of Albertans.”

Kathy Howe, Chief Executive Officers, Alberta Association of Nurses

What this means for your health care

Right now, you are not getting the best out of your health care system.

We're refocusing health care delivery by creating 4 dedicated health organizations to oversee areas that you and health care workers have identified as most important. It will lead to reduced wait times, improved access to health care and better health outcomes long term.

No matter where you live in the province, we are working on solutions to address rural and urban health challenges.

This shift puts you first in every health care decision.

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A young baby sits on their mother's lap while a doctor holds a stethoscope on their chest. The mom holds the baby's arm while the baby grabs the stethoscope cord.

What this means for you as a health care professional

You move mountains every day for your patients, residents and clients, and you deserve a health care system that supports you in delivering the highest quality health care.

We know Alberta’s health care professionals strive to provide the best care possible, but right now the system gets in the way because it’s too complex and uncoordinated.

With these 4 focused areas, the system will better support you, prioritize your wellbeing and leverage your experiences to enhance health care for all Albertans.

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A young nurse wearing blue scrubs smiles at the camera. A group of healthcare workers stands in the background.

How we got here

Our learned experience from the previous regional system and the current consolidated structure, combined with feedback from engagements, led to this refocusing of the health care system into areas important to Albertans and health care workers.

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April 2, 2024

Refocusing health care: mental health and addiction

Alberta’s government is creating two new organizations that will support the development of the mental health and addiction system of care.

March 21, 2024

Working together to provide better health care

Alberta’s government is making progress on a refocused health care system by engaging with Albertans to ensure the system provides the right care, at the right place and the right time.

November 8, 2023

Refocusing on patient-centred care

A refocused health care system will improve health outcomes for Albertans and empower health care workers to deliver quality care across the province.