Addiction and mental health

Addiction treatment, mental health supports, Alberta’s opioid addiction response and recovery-oriented care.


Service providers who offer or provide regulated services must meet core licensing requirements.

Confidential help is available 24-hours a day for Albertans with mental health and addiction concerns.

Transforming Alberta’s addiction and mental health system to focus on long-term recovery.

How Alberta is responding to the increase in drug overdoses and opioid-related deaths.

Resources that help support children and youth with mental health concerns.

A trusted source for Albertans to find vital information on reducing the harm of alcohol and other drugs.

We're working with post-secondary institutions to promote positive mental health and ensure supports are accessible when students need them.

Learn about the Mental Health Patient Advocate, what the office can do and who the Advocate is.

The panel makes decisions on applications about admission, competence and administration of treatment under the Mental Health Act.

Learn about your rights under the Mental Health Act.

Members helped shape Alberta’s evidence-based approach to addiction and mental health care.

Long-term, live-in addiction treatment facilities for Albertans.

Information webinars to help support the mental health and wellness of seniors, their caregivers and service providers.

Reporting the prescribing patterns, use or misuse, drug overdoses and deaths related to fentanyl and opioids in Alberta.