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Alberta is refocusing the health care system to put the patient first in every health care decision and give experts the right space to ensure Albertans are getting the world-class health care they need and deserve.

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Primary Care

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Acute Care

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Continuing Care

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Mental Health and Addiction

  • Previous engagement activities and learnings from past and current healthcare systems helped guide and inform the refocusing process.

    2015 to 2023
  • Introduce the health care refocusing plan to Albertans and frontline healthcare workers.

    November 8
  • Appoint a new Alberta Health Services board.

    November 8
  • Collaboration and engagement with health care professionals and organizations.

    November 2023
  • Establish and present advisory panels for the Primary Care and Continuing Care organizations.

    December 2023
  • Establish the Indigenous Advisory Council and 12 regional advisory councils.

    Winter 2023/24
  • Establish the Continuing Care organization and the Mental Health and Addiction organization.

    Spring 2024
  • New organizations address ideas and considerations brought forward from health care workers.

    Spring 2024 - ongoing
  • Establish the Primary Care organization and the Acute Care organization.

    Fall 2024

Refocusing groundwork

The following activities laid the groundwork for the best path to achieve our goal of improving access to health care:

Similar themes and recommendations emerged from these engagements. Along with learnings from the former fragmented regional health care system and our current rigid consolidated system, this led to refocusing on a single health care system model with 4 focused organizations.

Introduction and engagement

Winter 2023

  • The health care refocusing plan is introduced to Albertans and frontline healthcare workers.
  • A new Alberta Health Services board is appointed.
  • Engagement sessions with AHS staff, health care unions, health associations and a wide range of health partners are scheduled throughout November.
  • Advisory panels are established for the Primary Care organization and Continuing Care organization.
  • The Indigenous Advisory Council and 12 regional advisory councils are established to enhance local decision making.

Transition and engagement

Spring 2024

  • Continuing Care organization and Mental Health and Addiction organization are established.
  • Engagement opportunities will be available for Albertans while engagement with health care professionals continues.

Transition and engagement

Fall 2024

  • Primary Care organization and Acute Care organization are established.
  • Ideas and feedback from health care workers and Albertans will be considered as further engagement opportunities begin.
  • The remaining steps to ensure a successful transition will be finalized.


Guiding principles

A single functioning health care system
With specialized areas that focus on delivering the best care that is important to a high functioning system.

Improve patient outcomes
Refocus the health care system so Albertans can get the right care when and where they need it.

Ensure a seamless patient journey
Strong integration and collaboration across all organizations to support appropriate transitions of care and prevent silos.

Support the workforce
Prioritize the wellbeing and leverage the experience of health care workers.

Enhance frontline and local autonomy
Support local decision-making and regional advice.

Transparent communication
Communicate frequently and clearly.

Remain committed, but flexible
Monitor and evaluate the progress of the change and support change when it might be required.

Shape the way

Your input will help shape a stronger health system to provide better care for generations of Albertans to come.

Engagement sessions will begin this fall for health care professionals.

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