Your voice matters

Engaging with health care professionals, patients and all Albertans is vital to refocus the health care system. The input, experiences and feedback we gather will help create a more effective and efficient health care system.

Get involved by:

  • applying to become a member of the regional advisory councils or the Indigenous Advisory Council
  • registering for Indigenous information gathering sessions
  • completing the Indigenous information gathering feedback form


Sessions are ongoing throughout the refocusing process.

Who is listening

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction

Get involved

Advisory councils

We’re creating regional advisory councils and an Indigenous Advisory Council, which will provide a way for you to share your perspectives on how to improve health care in your community.

Council members will explore potential solutions to local challenges and look for opportunities to better support local decision-making.

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In-person Indigenous information gathering sessions 

Your voice matters. As we continue to refocus Alberta’s health care system, we are taking steps to ensure the diverse perspectives of Indigenous Peoples and residents of Alberta are represented while working to address the unique challenges of each region.

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Indigenous information gathering feedback form

Complete the Indigenous information gathering feedback form to help build a stronger health care system and improve the delivery of health care across Alberta.

Anyone can complete the form – you do not need to have attended an in-person session to provide your feedback. 

If you were unable to attend a session, you can review the health care refocusing presentation and engagement session handout.

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Input received

In-person public engagement sessions

We held 65 in-person engagement sessions across the province between January 23 and April 12, 2024. We're analyzing the input and feedback collected during these sessions to help shape the future of health care. We are committed to re-engaging health care workers and Albertans through future comprehensive engagement opportunities.


Your feedback will help lead us down the right path to success.

Having a health care system that functions properly is critical to the health and well-being of Albertans and their families. That’s why it’s so important we have these conversations with front line workers, patients and caregivers about the challenges that exist and how we can build a stronger health care system that serves the current and future needs of Albertans.”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Health