Provincial grazing reserves – Operations information

Grazing fence specifications and information on applying to graze in a provincial grazing reserve.

Provincial grazing reserve fence specifications

Prior to commencement of construction, you must contact the following people:

  • PGR Range Agrologist
  • Grazing Association President and Pasture Supervisor (Numbers provided by Agrologist)

The Provincial Grazing Reserve Fence Specifications are for use on all Provincial Grazing Reserves. This includes any Government of Alberta owned fence located on a Provincial Grazing Reserve that is damaged or replaced due to any industrial activities.

Apply to graze on a Provincial Grazing Reserve

Grazing Reserve Associations are responsible for the care, handling and management of livestock and the forage resources. Use of the grazing reserves by the associations is authorized through grazing management agreements.

Farmers and ranchers who wish to apply for grazing allotments on provincial grazing reserves must apply to the appropriate grazing reserve office. The application deadlines are regionally dependent and range from the beginning of December to the end of January.  

Contact the appropriate Provincial Grazing Reserve office for an application.


For any questions about these specifications or applying to graze on a Reserve, please contact the appropriate agrologist through the PGR contact information page: