When a complaint is filed against the police in Alberta, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is offered for all appropriate situations early in the complaint process.

ADR is an alternative method of resolving disputes that allows both parties to:

  • communicate in a safe and respectful environment
  • come to a mutual understanding
  • find a solution

If you’ve filed a complaint and are interested in ADR, contact the police service.

Mediator roster

The Alberta Police Complaint Mediator Roster lists independent mediators trained to resolve police complaints.

These mediators:

  • hold the requisite insurance
  • adhere to code(s) of ethical conduct
  • are experienced and qualified
  • understand police service culture
  • are familiar with aspects of the police complaints process

Select a mediator

A police service, police commission or public complaint director may select a mediator from the roster:

Alberta Police Complaint Mediator Roster (PDF, 286 KB)


These forms are for mediators’ use only:

Complaint Resolution (PDF, 33 KB)
Consent to Mediate (PDF, 40 KB)
General Considerations for Contracting Roster Mediators (PDF, 54 KB)
General Process for Engaging a Mediator (PDF, 37 KB)
Mediation Confidentiality Agreement (PDF, 66 KB)
Mediation Referral Registration (PDF, 34 KB)
Mediation Services Invoice (PDF, 38 KB)
Mediator Confidentiality (PDF, 66 KB)
Mediator Outcome Follow-up Report 1 (PDF, 39 KB)
Mediator Outcome Follow-up Report 2 (PDF, 46 KB)
Travel Expense Invoice (PDF, 43 KB)


If you have questions about the Alberta Police Complaint Mediator Roster, contact:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-427-3457
Email: [email protected]

Provincial Public Complaint Director
Law Enforcement and Oversight Branch
Alberta Justice
Public Security Division
10th Floor, 10365 97 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 3W7

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