On campus student resources

Research your learning provider to see what they offer before you apply.

Student services

Every adult learning provider in Alberta has a student services office, helping you access:

  • supports for learning differences
  • mental health supports
  • tutoring programs
  • study rooms

Specific supports and services are also available:

The services your institution provides can help you navigate post-secondary life, your new campus and your studies. Contact your institution to find out what services may be available to you.

Student groups

Many students create clubs or peer support groups based on shared experiences or interest. The student services office at your institution can point you in their direction.
You could also volunteer to serve on your institution’s student council, or on one of Alberta’s student associations:

Other campus services

Depending on the size of the institution you’re attending, you may have access to:

  • health services
  • student housing
  • cafeterias
  • campus gyms
  • childcare
  • food banks

If your institution does not provide these services, they may have agreements with local businesses that provide student discounts, such as for gym memberships. Your city or town office can also help you find information about local food banks, childcare or other services you may need.

Talk to your institution’s student services office for details.

Thinking about withdrawing

Program withdrawal suggestions:


Connect with the Public Awareness Branch:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Email: [email protected]