Resources for Indigenous students

Resources and supports for Indigenous students in Alberta’s adult learning system.


Several post-secondary institutions provide resources and supports for Indigenous students, including financial assistance.

Visit your institution’s website to learn more about what supports may be available.

Indigenous adult learning providers

Indigenous adult learning providers offer culturally informed adult and post-secondary learning opportunities in an Indigenous context.

Find out more about Indigenous adult learning providers in Alberta.

Funding support

Student loans and grants

A variety of financial supports are available to Indigenous learners. When you apply for Alberta student loans, you’re also automatically considered for provincial and federal grants. You’re only able to access many of these grants if you apply for Alberta student aid.

Band funding

If you’re a Band member of a First Nation, you may be eligible for federal funding, administered through your Band office, to help you pay for your education. Here’s how to get started:

Scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries can help reduce the overall cost of your education. Your post-secondary institution may also offer scholarships. Talk to their financial aid office for details.

Alberta Student Aid lists several scholarships, bursaries and awards for Indigenous students in Alberta.

Other opportunities include:

What you need to apply

When you apply for a scholarship or bursary, you may be asked to provide:

  • proof of ancestry
  • proof of dependents (if you have any)
  • introduction letter explaining who you are and what you are studying
  • supporting documents, such as:
    • recent transcripts
    • letters of support from community leaders and elders
    • photos of any awards you’ve won

On campus supports

Most institutions that receive government funding provide supports you can access on campus:

If you’re attending a different type of institution, please contact them directly to find out what types of supports they may provide.

You can also read about this Learning Clicks Ambassador’s experience as an Indigenous student, and the supports he received that helped him succeed in post-secondary.

Community supports

If your adult learning provider does not provide supports specific to Indigenous students, your municipality might be able to help you find community resources. Examples include:

Check with your town or city hall office for more information. You could also visit your municipality’s website and type “Indigenous” in their website search tool.

Transition supports

Transition supports can help if you:

  • don’t meet admission requirements for your program of choice
  • need help adjusting to post-secondary life
  • benefit from supports that apply a cultural focus to your learning

Ask the post-secondary institutions offering programs you’re interested in if they offer transition supports.

Your institution’s staff can help you build a learner pathway that guides you through where your learning is at now, to post-secondary study. You can also explore pathway options through Transfer Alberta.

Other transition supports can help you prepare for and adjust to campus life. For example, your post-secondary institution may offer a campus tour to help you:

  • find your way around campus
  • learn about support services and how to find them
  • meet other Indigenous students
  • talk to faculty or staff

Contact your post-secondary institution of choice for details.


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