Oil Sands Monitoring Program – Annual reports and work plans

Annual reports highlight OSMP activities and governance, while the work plan identifies projects to be completed by the program that year.

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Annual reports

Annual reports highlighting the accomplishments, activities, and governance of the Oil Sands Monitoring Program (OSMP). The program funds and undertakes ambient environmental monitoring within the oil sands area of Alberta to enhance the understanding of the effects of oil sands development and core outcomes.

Work plans

Ambient environment monitoring plans are created yearly to identify projects being completed for that year.

  • Glossary

    Core Monitoring: Describes long term monitoring activities under the OSM Program.

    Long-term Monitoring: Refers to the routine monitoring of status and trends of physical/chemical/biological parameters related to oil sands development activities to detect and evaluate changes in the environment over a period of time, typically more than 5 years.

    Focused Study (FS): A class of purposeful, requested projects with definite start and end dates (typically 3 years), according to the characteristics described below.

    Community Based Monitoring (CBM): Refers to collaboration between concerned citizens, government agencies, industry, academia, community groups, and local institutions to monitor issues of common concern.

  • Acronyms

    ECCC – Environment and Climate Change Canada

    AEP – Alberta Environment and Parks

    WBEA – Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

    LICA – Lakeland Industry & Community Association

    PRAMP – Peace River Area Monitoring Program

    U of A – University of Alberta

    U of C – University of Calgary

    ABMI – Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

  • Previous plans

2023-24 Ambient environment monitoring plan

The projects approved under the 2023-24 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan for Oil Sands Development are listed below and in PDF format at 2023-24 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan.

Activity Name Amounts approved March 27, 2023
Atmospheric Pollutant Active Air Monitoring Network $12,587,921
Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring $6,687,915
Air and Deposition Monitoring Total $19,275,836
Surface Water Quantity Monitoring - Water Levels and Flows $1,889,387
Surface Water Quality $4,003,803
Core Biodiversity Monitoring - Benthic Macroinvertebrates  $2,118,421
Core Long-Term Fish Monitoring $1,505,312
Water Monitoring (Core) Total $9,516,923
Development of the Design for an Integrated OSM Regional Lake Monitoring $42,550
Water Monitoring (FS) Total $42,550
Integrated Terrestrial Biological Monitoring
* Budget reduced as vascular plant work was withdrawn by Project Lead.
Biodiversity Monitoring (Core) Total $6,329,348
Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring Program $1,907,114
Wetland Monitoring (Core) Total $1,907,114
Groundwater Monitoring
* Budget changed after re-scoped work plan per OC direction.
Groundwater Monitoring (Core) Total $1,991,590
OSM Data Services $1,174,000
Integrated Geospatial Program $1,499,800
Cross Cutting Projects Total $2,673,800
Ni ho ghe di – Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Community Based Monitoring $400,000
Mikisew Cree First Nation – Community Based Monitoring $400,000
Fort McKay Métis Community-Based Wetland Monitoring $331,094
Cold Lake FN integrated Community Based Monitoring Program $539,210
ICBM Facilitation Centre $100,000
Lakeland Metis Moose Camera $150,000
WBEA Community Led Berry Contamination Study $391,206
WBEA Community Led Berry Contamination Study – Fort McKay First Nation $124,568
Mikisew Cree First Nation – CFN Wetlands $45,000
Terrestrial Biological Integrated Indigenous CBM $588,000
Willow Lake Metis Aquatics $209,050
Fort McKay Community Odour Monitoring $359,163
Fort McKay Community Dust Monitoring $212,555
Chipewyan Prairie Dene FN CBM Program $256,990
Smith Landing FN CBM $262,195
ICBM Evaluation Reporting $1,176,511
A Braided Approach to Evaluating Fish Health $150,000
Air Monitoring in the Peace Athabasca Delta (ACFN) $232,950
Conklin Environmental Monitoring $438,186
Fort McKay Métis Nation - Community Based Environmental Monitoring Program (CBEMP) - Data Tool $295,550
Fort McKay Métis Nation - MacKay River $482,697
Indigenous Indicator Prioritization $663,300
Smith Landing FN Air Study Budget included in Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring workplan
Whitefish Lake FN Wildlife Camera Monitoring $100,000
Community Based Monitoring Total $7,908,225
Oil Sands Monitoring Program Administration $2,428,953
Indigenous Capacity & ICBMAC $3,160,850
Oil Sands Program Office Total $5,589,803
TOTAL $55,235,189
Image of a circle graph for allocation of budget by theme and total