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How to use the Oil Sands Monitoring Program data tools

OSMP Data Catalogue

The Oil Sands Monitoring Program (OSMP) Data Catalogue lists oil sands data and scientific products. The catalogue provides access to:

  • journal articles
  • technical reports
  • standards and quality
  • listing of scientific publications
  • historical and current data
  • unstructured scientific data

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OSMP Data Portal

The Data Portal (Kisters) provides an interactive map of the oil sands area containing groundwater, air, hydrometric and surface water data. The portal enables users to view specific stations, monitoring parameters or contaminates, in different time increments and at specific sites.

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Initiated in 1997, the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) integrates aquatic monitoring activities across different components of the aquatic environment, different geographical locations and Athabasca oils sands. The site is no longer updated; it contains historic data not yet available in the Data Portal and the Data Catalogue.

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If you need technical support for these data tools:
Email: [email protected]

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