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Updates to parts of the Occupational Health and Safety Code (OHS Code) took effect on March 31, 2023. Visit the OHS publications portal for more information.


An acceptance allows a work site party to take an alternative approach to a requirement in the OHS Regulation or Code, if the alternative gives equal or greater protection to workers than the original requirements.

OHS directors can issue acceptances for alternative:

  • equipment
  • work processes
  • standards
  • requirements
  • substances
  • services
  • first aid services, supplies or equipment

An acceptance is not an exemption to a specific requirement in the OHS legislation.

See also: Director order revoking specific allowances, approvals and interjurisdictional recognitions. These are no longer needed due to the OHS Code update effective March 31, 2023.


Specific provisions of OHS laws require work site parties to apply for an approval from an OHS director. For example, you may need an approval to:

  • use a certain equipment or standard
  • develop or use a particular process
  • offer a type of course or training

How to apply

Step 1. Register for a MyAlberta Digital ID for Business account

Watch this video to learn how to register a MyAlberta Digital ID for Business account.

Step 2. Apply online (preferred)

Apply online for an acceptance or approval using your MyAlberta Digital ID for Business account. Learn more about applying for an OHS acceptance or approval.

You cannot apply online to submit health and safety committee or representative approvals.

If needed, you may fill out the following form and send your application by email or physical mail:


Allowances provide flexibility when it is clear that requirements lag behind advances in technology and processes. They permit an OHS director to allow alternatives that vary from the OHS Code if they do not reduce health and safety. An allowance may be granted to specific industries or all industries. A work site will have the flexibility to follow either the current rule in the OHS Code or follow the allowance.

See the list of current allowances

Inter-jurisdictional recognitions

Inter-jurisdictional recognitions provide flexibility by recognizing standards adopted in different Canadian jurisdictions. These may be issued where there is an agreement between Alberta and another jurisdiction. The agreement recognizes that another jurisdiction’s standard appropriately protects the health and safety of workers in Alberta while also supporting interprovincial trade and labour mobility.

See the current list of recognitions

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