OHS acceptances and approvals

Work site parties may use alternative approaches to those required by OHS laws by applying for an acceptance or approval.


An acceptance provides for an alternative approach as long as it offers equal or greater protection to workers than the original requirements in the OHS Regulation or Code.

Alternatives may involve:

  • equipment
  • work processes
  • standards
  • requirements
  • substances
  • services
  • first aid services, supplies or equipment

Work site parties may apply for an acceptance from an OHS director. An acceptance is not an exemption to a specific requirement in the OHS legislation.


An approval allows an OHS director to approve a different approach to achieving compliance with specific OHS provisions or requirements.

This can include equipment or a process, standard, course or training agency, among other things, as specified by the OHS Act, Regulation or Code.

Approval may be requested for a variation from OHS requirements to have a health and safety committee or representative. For information or to apply, please see the guide and complete the self-evaluation tool.

The approval process for workplace first aid training is currently being updated. For more information, see first aid training.