The Notice of Suspension includes these details of your driving suspension:

  • eligible reinstatement date to get your driver’s licence back
  • required reinstatement conditions imposed by the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services (Transportation)

The Notice of Suspension is sent by registered mail to your last address on record with the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services (Transportation).

If convicted in court where a driving prohibition has been ordered by the judge, you will receive a Confirmation of Suspension by mail and an Order of Driving Prohibition Against an Offender in person in court.

All Alberta driving records are maintained in accordance with the Traffic Safety Act and provincial regulations. Under provincial legislation, a Notice of Suspension is considered sufficiently served if it is sent by registered mail to the driver’s last address shown in the Registrar (Transportation) records.

Your driver’s licence suspension will be considered in effect on the fifth business day after the Notice of Suspension is mailed.

Lost notices

Since the Notice of Suspension is system-generated, Driver Fitness and Monitoring is unable to send additional copies. If you have questions regarding delivery and signing authorization, contact Canada Post.

If you lost or did not receive your Notice of Suspension, you can purchase a Suspension Verification Form at any Alberta registry agent. This form provides details of your driver’s licence suspension, including your eligible reinstatement date and any reinstatement conditions included in the Notice of Suspension.

You can also get a copy of your driver abstract at any Alberta registry agent. The abstract is a printed summary of your driving record within a specified period of 3, 5 or 10 years and includes merit and demerit points, convictions, suspensions and any outstanding reinstatement conditions.


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