2 different Vehicle Seizure Programs are available:

A vehicle can be seized, even in cases where the vehicle is:

  • borrowed to a family member or friend
  • rented or leased
  • used for business or employment purposes
  • being driven by someone who holds a driver’s licence from another province or country

If you had your vehicle seized, note:

  • a vehicle does not have to belong to the driver to be seized; the vehicle seizure is based on the action of the driver at the time of the occurrence
  • the registered owner at the time the vehicle is seized is responsible for all costs involved in the vehicle seizure
  • details of your vehicle seizure, including the length of the vehicle seizure, location of the seized vehicle and information on the tow lot operator can be found on the Seizure Notice given to you by law enforcement
  • the associated costs of the vehicle seizure are payable upon expiry of the vehicle seizure or upon termination of the vehicle seizure by SafeRoads Alberta

IRS Vehicle Seizure Program

If you receive a contravention under the IRS Program for impaired driving, your vehicle will be seized by law enforcement for a specific length of time:

IRS Program Vehicle seizure length
IRS: FAIL 30-day
IRS: WARN First occurrence: 3-day

Second (or subsequent occurrence): 7-day
IRS ZERO: Novice 7-day
IRS ZERO: Commercial None – no related vehicle seizure
IRS: 24-HOUR 24-Hour

Suspended Driver Vehicle Seizure Program

  • 30-day vehicle seizure

    A person found operating a vehicle with a suspended or disqualified licence will have their vehicle seized for a 30-day period – section 173(1) of the Traffic Safety Act.

  • 60-day vehicle seizure

    If it is a second occurrence within a 3-year period of the first occurrence, a person found operating a vehicle with a suspended or disqualified licence will have their vehicle seized for a 60-day period – section 173(2) of the Traffic Safety Act.

    A 60-day vehicle seizure will occur when the driver and the registered owner are the same in both occurrences.

  • File a review

    Through SafeRoads Alberta, you can request a review for your vehicle seizure under the Immediate Roadside Sanctions or Suspended Driver Vehicle Seizure Program.

    Applying for a review does not guarantee the return of your vehicle.