We have developed standard bridge designs for small crossings. During the bridge planning phase, it is expected that the consultant will have evaluated all options for small crossings such as culverts and standard bridges. If we have selected a standard bridge, the following guidelines shall be used.

We currently haves standard bridge designs and drawings for SL/SLW Bridges and SLC Bridges. It is important to understand the limitations of each of these standard designs when determining which is appropriate for a given site.

In general, the standard SL and SLW Bridge designs are intended for use on low volume roads, while the standard SLC Bridge design is really intended for use on higher volume with ACP wearing surface.

Note that for low volume roads, other cost effective options, such as those described on the Local Road Bridges page, may be considered, but will require a design exception (see Design Bulletin 72).

The following flowchart provides guidance for determining the suitable standard bridge type for a given project. This information is relevant and applicable during the Choose Design phase as well as during the Detailed Design phase.

Standard Bridge Flowchart

Where site conditions do not allow the use of a Standard SL/SLW or SLC Bridge, the Standard SL/SLW or SLC girders may still be used, but shall be integrated into a major bridge design package.

In this case, use of Standard SL/SLW or SLC girders shall meet the Standard SL/SLW Bridge Requirements or the Standard SLC Bridge Requirements, with the exception of the substructure requirements and the clear roadway width limits.