Design bulletins

Clarifications or supplemental information for consulting engineering services provided during the project design and tendering phases.


Of interest to Engineering Consultants and the Department's Construction Contract Administrators, this section contains documents that clarify and supplement information contained in the Engineering Consultant Guidelines for Highway, Bridge and Water Projects (Volume 1) – Design and Tender as well as other transportation technical documents.

Superseded and obsolete Design Bulletins can be found below, following the Active Design Bulletins.

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Active design bulletins

3Revised Standards for Pavement Marking and Signing of Passing & Climbing LanesHighway Operations StandardsHighway Pavement Marking Guide2001-08
4Guidelines for Service Roads along Provincial HighwaysRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2001-11
6Typical Traffic Controls for Highway TransitionsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2002-05
13Revisions to Pavement Design Manual for the Selection of ACP Mix Types and Asphalt BindersSurface EngineeringPavement Design Manual2018-10
15Pavement Design Manual - Revisions - Recommended Minimum Thickness First Stage Asphalt Concrete PavementSurface EngineeringPavement Design Manual2003-07
17Urban Highway Geometric Design Guide – DraftRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2023-03
18Rumble Strip Placement PracticesRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2018-03
23Slip-Formed Concrete Barrier F-ShapeRoad Geometric DesignRoadside Design Guide2007-09
32LED Lamp Usage in Traffic Signals, Pedestrian Signals and BeaconsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2006-01
33Engineering Drawing Submission Requirements on Transportation ProjectsProfessional ServicesEngineering Consulting Guidelines2012-02
35New Guidelines for the Design of Roadway LightingHighway Operations StandardsHighway Lighting Guide2006-06
36Clearview Hwy Font for Positive Contrast Legends on Guide SignsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2006-07
44Second Set of DO NOT ENTER and WRONG WAY Signs on Interchange Loop Off-Ramps - Ring RoadsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2007-02
45Use of Retaining Wall Structures for Bridges and Roadways in Active Watercourse EnvironmentsBridge EngineeringBridge Conceptual Design Guideline2007-02
47Paving and Upgrading of Highway Intersections with Gravel/Paved Roadways at the Time of Grading or First Stage Paving and Final Paving or Pavement RehabilitationRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2007-04
51Safety Rest Area and Roadside Turnout Signage 2007Highway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Manual2007-07
52Use of Highmast Lighting Systems on Alberta Highways 2007Highway Operations StandardsHighway Lighting Guide2007-06
55Enrollment (Energize) and De-Enrollment (De-Energize) of Highway Lighting and Traffic Control Systems
- AT Enrollment Form
Highway Operations StandardsHighway Lighting Guide2014-07
56Placement of Stop Lines 2007Highway Operations StandardsHighway Pavement Marking Guide2007-08
58Distances Displayed on Interchange Sequence Signs 2007Highway Operations StandardsHighway Guide and Information Sign Manual2007-11
59Tourism Highway Signage Program – Brown Sign Conversion as a Result of Highway Construction/Rehabilitation Projects 2008Highway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Manual2008-01
60Survey Requirements to Support GPS Machine Control ConstructionSurface EngineeringEngineering Consulting Guidelines2008-12
61Errata to the Roadside Design Guide, November 2007Road Geometric DesignRoadside Design Guide2009-07
62Guardrail Reflectors and Reflective Strips on Guide PostsHighway Operations StandardsHighway Pavement Marking Guide2016-03
63Revisions/Updates to the Alberta Transportation "Roadside Design Guide", November 2007Road Geometric DesignRoadside Design Guide2019-10
64Alberta Weak Post W-Beam Barrier SystemRoad Geometric DesignRoadside Design Guide2012-11
65Standard Use of Oversize Signs on High-Speed Multi-Lane Divided Highways 2012Highway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Manual2012-12
68Roundabout Design Guidelines on Provincial HighwaysRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2016-06
71Engineering Consulting Guidelines for Highway, Bridge, and Water Projects Vol. 1-2011 Appendix H – AT Hydrovac Agreement FormUtilities and LandEngineering Consulting Guidelines2013-07
74Fluorescent Sheeting for Warning SignsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2012-08
75High Tension Cable Barrier System - Median and Roadside Installation
Alberta Transportation, "HTCB Basic Dimensions Drawing"
Road Geometric DesignRoadside Design Guide2022-08
76Ramp Advisory Speed SignageHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2012-02
77Amendments to Pavement Design ManualSurface EngineeringPavement Design Manual2017-03
78Alberta Transportation MicroStation CAD Standards and InRoads Workspace Settings for Highway and Bridge ProjectsRoad Geometric DesignEngineering Drafting Guidelines2013-01
80Highway Pavement Marking Guide Clarifications for Intersection MarkingsHighway Operations StandardsHighway Pavement Marking Guide2013-05
81Updated "Alberta" Signature for Highway SignsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2013-05
82Longitudinal Sign Placement at Highway IntersectionsHighway Operations StandardsTraffic Control Standards2014-10

Release of the Alberta Transportation Benefit Cost Model 

AT Benefit Cost Model and User Guide

Road Geometric DesignBenefit Cost Model2018-11
87Eliminating Screw-in Base as a breakaway lighting standard from the Highway Lighting GuideHighway Operations StandardsHighway Lighting Guide2016-02
88Adoption of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Luminaires for New Lighting Systems Along Provincial HighwaysHighway Operations StandardsHighway Lighting Guide2017-09
89Bridge Load Evaluation ManualBridge EngineeringBridge Design Guide2015-06
90Environmental Regulatory Tracking ApplicationEnvironmental Management ServicesEnvironmental Regulatory Tracking Application2016-12
92Process for Handling Tourism Highway Signage Program (THSP) Signs in Construction ProjectsRoadway EngineeringTraffic Control Standards2020-06
93Bridge Load Evaluation ManualBridge EngineeringBridge Load Evaluation Manual2016-12
95Precast Concrete Inspector Certification RequirementsBridge EngineeringBridge Engineering2018-08
96Construction Sequencing and Gap Tolerances For Standard Finger Plate and Cover Plate V-Seal Deck JointsBridge EngineeringBridge Decks2018-04
99Revisions/Updates to the Alberta Transportation "Highway Geometric Design Guide" and CB6 Highway Standard PlatesRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2023-04
100Median Acceleration Lane Design GuidelinesRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2019-01
105Naming and Submitting Roadway DrawingsRoad Geometric DesignEngineering Drafting Guidelines2022-01
108Implementation of Authentication for Electronic Submission of Engineering DocumentsBridge EngineeringEngineering Consulting Guidelines2020-01
109Engineering Consulting Guidelines/Project Administration Manual UpdateProfessional ServicesEngineering Consulting Guidelines2021-08
110Fish Passage Requirements For CulvertsBridge EngineeringEngineering Consulting Guidelines2020-02
113Engineering Consultant Guidelines for Highway, Bridge and Water Projects, Volume 2-2013, Section 5.4 – Final DetailsProject Management OfficeEngineering Consulting Guidelines2021-07
114Engineering Consultant Guidelines for Highway, Bridge and Water Projects, Volume 2, 2013 (Various Sections) and Various Design Bulletins - (effective June 1, 2023)Project Management OfficeEngineering Consulting Guidelines2023-02
115Additional Guidance for Roundabout Design on Economic and High Load CorridorsRoad Geometric DesignHighway Geometric Design Guide2023-08

Inactive design bulletins