As illustrated on the New Design Flowchart, Detailed Engineering may begin once the Structure Alternatives Report has been accepted by the Department and the Choose Design process has been completed.

For major bridges and overhead sign structures, consultants shall submit a detailed Design Project Brief (Appendix "J1" in the Engineering Consultant Guidelines) at the beginning of the Detailed Engineering phase.

Detailed Engineering shall be completed in accordance with all of the requirements contained in the following documents and the relevant Best Practice Guidelines:

The aesthetic principles outlined in the Bridge Aesthetic Study should be considered in bridge design, where practical and economical.

Standard Drawings and Typical Detail Drawings are available for certain bridge components and shall be utilized as specified in the Bridge Structure Design Criteria.

Drafting for detailed drawings shall be in accordance with the Engineering Drafting Guidelines for Highway and Bridge Projects.

Relevant Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) include:

  • BPG 2 – Alternate Design
  • BPG 3 – Protection Systems for New Concrete Bridge Decks
  • BPG 7 – Spread Footings
  • BPG 10 – Minimum Bridge Width for SLC Girder Structures
  • BPG 11 – Stormwater Management at Rural Bridges