We use the following definitions for the following words and phrases.

Bridge size culverts:

  • Standard culverts are structures with diameters (or equivalent diameter based on sum of end areas) of greater than or equal to 1500 mm and less than 4500 mm.
  • Major culverts are structures with diameters (or summation of diameters) of 4500 mm or greater and structures of lesser diameter having complex site constraints or specialized engineering requirements.

Standard bridges:

  • Bridge structures which are built using standard bridge design drawings. Typically standard bridge construction comprises standard precast girders with steel or concrete substructure elements and supported on steel piles.

Major bridges:

  • Includes all other bridge structures including large or complex culverts. Major bridges are typically built from site-specific drawings, but can also be built from standard girder drawings. Typically major bridges are river crossings, highway interchanges or railway crossings.