Municipal Internship Program – Overview

Learn about how the internship program can help you start a career in municipal government.

About the program

The Municipal Internship Program is an opportunity for new and recent post-secondary graduates to gain first-hand, practical experience and training in municipal administration, finance/accounting, or land use planning. Interns receive a salary and financial support for professional development, while undertaking a variety of tasks customized to each host municipality’s needs, projects, and priorities. Interns are also provided mentorship and opportunities to develop an extensive network of municipal and planning professionals. Through the program, interns will gain knowledge and develop competencies which will provide a foundation for a career in municipal government.

Check back in January 2025 to apply for internships.

Internship streams


Interns in this stream focus on policy, operations and administration.

Finance Officer

Interns in this stream focus on accounting and financial management.

Land Use Planner

Interns in this stream focus on planning and development.

  • Administrator stream

    This stream of the program offers interns a wide range of experiences in municipal policy, management and operations over an 18-month period. The goal is to gain knowledge and understanding of multiple areas of municipal administration that can be built upon as the intern’s career progresses beyond the internship.

    Interns in the Administrator stream will rotate through the departments in their host municipality, learning key aspects of the work carried out in each area and how work supports the municipality overall.

    Responsibilities and activities in this role include, but are not limited to:

    • participate in management team and stakeholder meetings
    • develop request for decision packages and presenting to council and/or committees
    • develop and review bylaws and policies
    • conduct research on issues and topics in support of bylaws, policies, and other projects
    • support the municipality’s communication with the community and stakeholders
    • lead and manage projects
    • support public engagement initiatives
    • participate in job shadowing activities
  • Finance Officer stream

    This stream of the program offers participants hands-on, intensive learning in municipal finance and accounting, along with professional development opportunities and a general understanding of municipal government. The goal is to provide a strong foundation in municipal finance while also providing exposure to key departments within the municipality during an 18-month period.

    Finance officer interns work primarily in the finance department, with the goal of learning key aspects of the finance department and how finance interacts with the rest of the municipality.  Interns will also have the opportunity to experience other areas of the municipality to understand the financial priorities and requirements of these departments.

    Responsibilities and activities in this role include, but are not limited to:

    • prepare budget forecast and participate in discussions with council and management
    • prepare payroll
    • process accounts payable and accounts receivable
    • produce financial reports
    • prepare financial records for audit and for borrowing
    • lead or support implementation of asset management systems and practices
    • support procurement initiatives

    Graduates looking to obtain their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation are welcome to apply. Host municipalities can offer experience verification placements and financial support for education modules to help interns achieve their CPA designation.

  • Land Use Planner stream

    This stream of the program offers participants with a specific interest in land use planning the opportunity to gain a variety of planning experiences over an 18-month period. The goal is to provide a strong foundation in both current and long-range planning. Interns in this stream will focus on building skills and knowledge in planning and development.

    Land use planner interns work primarily in the planning department, with the goal of learning key aspects of the planning and development functions and how planning interacts with the rest of the municipality. Planning interns have the opportunity to gain experience through involvement in a variety of planning projects in their host organization.

    Interns in this stream focus on developing competency as a land use planner, becoming familiar with other key departments and functional areas in the municipality, participating in a wide variety of tasks and projects, and exploring potential areas of specialization in the planning field.

    Responsibilities and activities in this role can include, but are not limited to:

    • review and amend the municipality's land use bylaw
    • review existing or develop new statutory plans including, municipal development plans and area structure plans
    • review development and/or subdivision applications
    • plan and conduct community consultations or engagements for development proposals
    • participate in subdivision and development appeal board hearings
    • enforce stop orders and other compliance mechanisms

    Interns in this stream may pursue their Registered Professional Planner designation during their internship. Host organizations may be required to offer work and responsibilities to meet the logbook requirements for the Professional Standards Boards for the Planning Profession in Canada.


Below is the list of the 2024 host organization locations, profiles and a map showing where they are in Alberta.

View map of host locations

Administrator – Internship host organizations

Finance officer – Internship host organizations

Land use planner – Internship host organizations

Application process timeline

  • January 10, 2024

    Launch of 2024 Municipal Internship Program application intake.

  • February 20, 2024 (12 pm noon Mountain Standard Time)

    Application deadline. Late applications will not be accepted after this date.

  • February 20 to 28, 2024

    Intern applications will be screened for program requirements by internship program staff.

    • The initial screening involves ensuring you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the program and have submitted a complete application package.
    • If your application passes initial screening, then it will be sent to the host municipalities that you selected. You will be notified by email whether or not your application has passed initial screening.
    • Screened intern applications will be forwarded to the host municipalities for review and shortlisting.
  • March 8 to April 8, 2024

    Host municipalities will review intern applications, interview candidates and make a job offer to their top candidate.

    • Once the host organizations receive the screened applications, they will conduct their own review of the applications and arrange interviews.
    • There is the possibility that you may be offered an interview by more than one host organization. Although hosts are aware candidates may have more than one interview, keep in mind they are looking to find the best candidate for their organization, just like a regular job competition. Hosts do their best to accommodate your schedule, but this may not always be possible. Therefore, in order to make the interview process run smoothly for both the hosts and intern candidates, please only accept interviews at locations you know you would be willing to move to, if offered the job.
    • Once a host has completed their interviews, the organization will likely proceed with a verbal offer. A verbal offer will generally provide you the basic details of your employment to consider before accepting the position.
    • You may request to see a written offer letter before providing a verbal acceptance. Be clear with the host you are requesting further details before verbally accepting, because in some instances, a verbal offer can be considered legally binding. Confirm with the host how long you have to consider the offer (for example, 24 or 48 hours).
    • After you have verbally accepted, you will be sent an offer letter to sign (if you have not previously reviewed it) to formally accept the position. Once your letter is signed, you are an official participant in the Municipal Internship Program!
  • April 12, 2024

    Deadline for host municipalities to complete hiring including finalization of job offers.

  • April 29 to May 31, 2024

    Interns start their internships during this period.


Connect with the Municipal Internship Program:

Phone: 780-427-2225 and ask for a Training and Internship Advisor
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]