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Modernizing Land Titles

Learn about the steps we are taking to keep Land Titles and Surveys' processes current and efficient.


Albertans and investors depend on the efficient processing of land titles. As part of a registries modernization project, the Government of Alberta is working to replace outdated land titles systems and improve service delivery in the Land Titles office.

When this work is complete, the government expects land titles documents will be processed in less than 5 business days. Digital solutions will play a significant role in achieving that outcome. 

As the Ministry of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction works to modernize land titles systems and processes, legislation, like the Land Titles Act, may need more updates to support the evolution of Alberta Land Titles and Surveys.

Recent changes to the act

Provisions in Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, 2023, related to land titles and the Land Titles Act were proclaimed into force in May 2024. The amendments:

  • allow authorized users of the current electronic submission system – Alberta Land Titles Online (ALTO) – to digitally sign and submit certain documents to Land Titles and Surveys, saving time and expense involved with signing, printing, and storing paper originals
  • support future policy development that will enable the digitization of the land title registration process in Alberta, contributing to the modernization of government service delivery

These changes only effect electronic submissions, while paper submission processes remain the same. These changes are not mandatory as you are able to continue your existing practices.

Although some land titles documents can now be electronic, further changes to paper documentation procedures are required before you can complete and submit all land titles documents electronically. However, the changes in May 2024 remove legislative barriers and are a positive step toward providing that service in the future.

Authorized users of Alberta Land Titles Online can access more detailed information about the digital signature policy on ALTO.