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Documents accepted at our front counters will be placed in the queue and processed according to the date received; documents are not registered at the counter.

You can expect a 10 to 12 business day turnaround time for registration of land and title survey documents.

To find more information about how the Land Titles Office works, see the Land Titles Procedures Manual - Overview page. Commonly used forms, are on Land titles – Overview.

To order copies of title, or create your document registration request form, visit our SPIN2 website.


The Land Titles Act authorizes the Land Titles Office to cancel and create certificates of title to land immediately upon the registration of certain types of legal documents, such as notifications and transfers, as well as some types of plans, such as subdivision and condominium plans.

Service Alberta is responsible for registering land ownership rights in Alberta.


If there is information that needs to be corrected, added or deleted, mail or email the correction.

Email: [email protected]

Land Titles
Box 2380
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 2T3


This Manual addresses document examination procedures in the Land Titles Office, and is primarily intended to provide assistance to Government of Alberta employees working in that area. It is not meant to be a guide to the substantive law in respect to any of the topics covered nor is it a substitute for legal research. The Government of Alberta makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of any of the material set out in the Manual. In the event of any discrepancy between what is set out in the Manual and what is set out in an enactment, the enactment will prevail.

To help with the calculation of fees to register some of the more common documents:

Recent amendments

This manual is updated regularly. You can search for updates by:


Procedure # Subject
ADD-1 (PDF, 29 KB) Change of Address
ADV-1 (PDF, 75 KB) Adverse Possession Judgments
AFF-1 (PDF, 41 KB) Affidavits of Attestation
AFF-2 (PDF, 35 KB) Affidavits Sworn Outside of Alberta
AGR-1 (PDF, 73 KB) Agreements Pursuant to Sec 21(1) of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
AGT-1 (PDF, 77 KB) Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act
ALT-1 (PDF, 33 KB) Alterations to Documents
ASB-1 (PDF, 30 KB) Agricultural Service Board Orders
BAN-1 (PDF, 116 KB) Bankruptcy
BUL-1 (PDF, 72 KB) Builders’ Lien
CAV-1 (PDF, 34 KB Caveats
CAV-2 (PDF, 57 KB) Removal of Caveats
CAV-3 (PDF, 75 KB) Registrar’s Caveats
CAV-4 (PDF, 68 KB) Caveats - Simultaneous Registration of an Instrument & Withdrawal of a Caveat
CAV-5 (PDF, 94 KB) Caveats Registered Pursuant to Statutes of Alberta Other than the Land Titles Act
CCE-1 (PDF, 62 KB) Climate Change and Emissions Management Act
CDE-1 (PDF, 105 KB) Instruments Registered Pursuant to the Condominium Property Act
CEM-1 (PDF, 37 KB) Transactions Involving Cemeteries
CLP-1 (PDF, 84 KB) Certificates of Lis Pendens
CNS-1 (PDF, 79 KB) Conservation Easement
CON-1 (PDF, 74 KB) Consolidation of Titles
COR-1 (PDF, 44 KB) Corporations - Acquisition and Disposition of Interests
CRG-1 (PDF, 87 KB) Crown Grants - Notification Under the Public Land Act and Letters Patent
CRG-2 (PDF, 78 KB) Crown Grants - Agreements Respecting the Use of Land
CRG-3 (PDF, 82 KB) Dealings with Provincial Crown Interests
DDA-1 (PDF, 72 KB) Drainage Districts
DOW-1 (PDF, 74 KB) Dower
EAS-1 (PDF, 100 KB) Easement / Encroachment / Party Wall Agreement
ENV-1 (PDF, 68 KB) Orders Under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
ERE-1 (PDF, 72 KB) Environmental Reserve Easement
ESO-1 (PDF, 76 KB) Orders Under the Employment Standards Code
EXP-1 (PDF, 101 KB) Expropriation - Provincial
EXP-2 (PDF, 86 KB) Expropriation - Federal
FOL-1 (PDF, 75 KB) Foreign Ownership of Land
FOR-1 (PDF, 41 KB) Foreclosure Orders and Orders Confirming Sale
FOR-2 (PDF, 65 KB) Ownership of Land by a Foreign Country
FRA-1 (PDF, 85 KB) Fraternal Organizations
HEA-1 (PDF, 66 KB) Notices Registered Pursuant to Sec 64 of the Public Health Act
HRA-1 (PDF, 82 KB) Historical Resources Act Registrations
IDE-1 (PDF, 82 KB) Confirmation of Identity
IES-1 (PDF, 75 KB) Order, Certificates and Agreements Under the Income and Employment Supports Act
IRR-1 (PDF, 81 KB) Irrigation Districts Formation Alteration etc.
IRR-2 (PDF, 81 KB) Irrigable Units
IRR-3 (PDF, 88 KB) Adjudication Under the Irrigation Act
LEA-1 (PDF, 56 KB) Leases
LIF-1 (PDF, 81 KB) Life Estates
LIQ-1 (PDF, 91 KB) Liquidators
LNS-1 (PDF, 31 KB) Liens Registered Pursuant to the Rural Utilities Act
LNS-2 (PDF, 33 KB) Liens Registered Pursuant to the Rural Electrification Acts
MAI-1 (PDF, 77 KB) Maintenance Orders and Agreements - Maintenance Enforcement Act, Domestic Relations Act and Parentage and Maintenance Act
MEN-1 (PDF, 102 KB) Mentally Incompetents - Dependent Adults Act Orders and Public Trustee Act Certificates of Incapacity
MER-1 (PDF, 72 KB) Merger
MIN-1 (PDF, 72 KB) Property of Minors
MOR-1 (PDF, 63 KB) Mortgages, Debentures and Encumbrances
MOR-2 (PDF, 83 KB) Standard Form Mortgage
NAM-1 (PDF, 31 KB) Change of Name – Individuals
NOT-1 (PDF, 74 KB) Notifications Pursuant to the Public Works Act
ORD-1 (PDF, 78 KB) Court Orders - Certificate of No Appeal
PER-1 (PDF, 37 KB) Execution of Documents By Personal Representatives
POA-1 (PDF, 57 KB) Powers of Attorney
POA-2 (PDF, 35 KB) Powers of Attorney - Enduring
POS-1 (PDF, 31 KB) Postponements
PPS-1 (PDF, 45 KB) Personal Property Security Interests
PUB-1 (PDF, 65 KB) Orders Under the Public Utilities Board Act
RDA-1 (PDF, 79 KB) Restrictive Development Areas
REC-1 (PDF, 90 KB) Receivership Orders
REL-1 (PDF, 87 KB) Religious Societies
RES-1 (PDF, 96 KB) Restrictive Covenants
SEP-1 (PDF, 66 KB) Separation of Title
SRA-1 (PDF, 79 KB) Right of Entry Orders Under the Surface Rights Act
SUB-1 (PDF, 86 KB) Requirements In Respect of the Subdivision of Land Under the Municipal Government Act
SUR-1 (PDF, 139 KB) Surveys - Examination of Plans
SUR-2 (PDF, 57 KB) Surveys - Examination of Subdivision Plans
SUR-2.1 (PDF, 69 KB) Surveys - Examination of Strata Space Plans
SUR-2.2 (PDF, 67 KB) Surveys - Examination of Consolidation Plan and Plan of an Existing Parcel
SUR-3 (PDF, 74 KB) Surveys - Examination of Descriptive Plans
SUR-4 (PDF, 95 KB) Surveys - Examination of Condominium Plans
SUR-5 (PDF, 82 KB) Surveys - Examination of Road Plans and Other Public Works Plans
SUR-6 (PDF, 72 KB) Surveys - Examination of Right of Way Plans, Related Site Plans and Miscellaneous Plans
SUR-7 (PDF, 30 KB) Surveys - Examination of Plans Prepared Pursuant to Statutes Other than the Land Titles Act
SUR-8 (PDF, 74 KB) Surveys - Plan Corrections
SUR-9 (PDF, 73 KB) Surveys - Plan Cancellation By-law
SUR-10 (PDF, 88 KB) Surveys - Removal or Change of Reserve Designation
SUR-11 (PDF, 38 KB) Surveys - Road Closures
SUR-12 (PDF, 74 KB) Surveys - Natural Boundary Changes
TAX-1 (PDF, 83 KB) Tax Recovery - Tax Arrears Lists and Tax Notices
TAX-2 (PDF, 66 KB) Tax Recovery - Discharge of Tax Recovery Notification
TAX-3 (PDF, 76 KB) Tax Recovery - Municipal Acquisition
TAX-4 (PDF, 68 KB) Tax Recovery - Notification of Sale
TAX-5 (PDF, 67 KB) Tax Recovery - Redemption and Revival
TAX-6 (PDF, 66 KB) Tax Recovery - Ministerial Order Changing Municipality
TAX-7 (PDF, 133 KB) Freehold Mineral Rights Tax Act - Tax Notice and Vesting Title to the Crown
TEN-1 (PDF, 46 KB) Deceased Joint Tenant - Transfer of Interest
TEN-2 (PDF, 85 KB) Alteration or Clarification of Co-ownership Arrangements-Tenancies in Common
TRA-1 (PDF, 41 KB) Transmission on Death
TRF-1 (PDF, 62 KB) Transfers
UNC-1 (PDF, 77 KB) Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act
UNI-1 (PDF, 67 KB) Unit Agreement
URW-1 (PDF, 87 KB) Utility Rights of Way
WCB-1 (PDF, 81 KB) Certified Statements by Workers’ Compensation Board
WRC-1 (PDF, 64 KB) Certificates Under the Water Resources Act
WRE-1 (PDF, 62 KB) Writs of Enforcement/Creditor’s Statement/Name Search


Appendix I: Tariff of Fees Regulation (PDF, 50 KB)

Appendix II: Forms Regulation (PDF, 21 KB)

Appendix III: Name Search Regulation (PDF, 66 KB)


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Edmonton location

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Office address:
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Mailing address:
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