Minerals ammonite shell tool kit

Information related to collecting or acquiring an ammonite shell agreement to develop and mine.


Ammonite Shell is the fossilized shell of a marine mollusc. Specimens with iridescent red and green colours are mined as a semi-precious stone for making jewellery. An ammonite shell agreement grants the exclusive right to recover ammonite shell from a specified location. The term of an ammonite shell agreement set out in the Ammonite Shell Regulation is 15 years, renewable for 5 years.

Ammonite Shell tool kit

The following tool kit is for individuals and companies interested in collecting or mining ammonite shell in Alberta.

Table 1. Ammonite Shell agreement tool kit

Summary of Requirements

Ammonite Shell agreements can be issued to an applicant prior to obtaining a Historical Resources Act (HRA) exemption for the property. The agreement holder has 4 months after the agreement has been issued to obtain the HRA exemption, which can be secured online through the Online Permitting and Clearance (OPac) system.

The renewal term of agreements is 5 years.

See information letter 2004-18 for more information.


Key acts and regulations for Ammonite Shell:

Information Letters and Bulletins
Application Methods

Use the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) to apply online. When applying through ETS, the fee is required and any rentals are required prior to the issuance of an agreement.

More information:
See Mineral Direct Purchase in Electronic Transfer System (ETS) support and online learning.

Maps (updated overnight)Interactive maps
Mineral disposition information available through an interactive mapping program. This program allows you to select location, scale and map features, and conduct basic searches.
Alberta Township Survey SystemIntroduction to ATS
For legal land description (meridian, township, range, section, legal subdivision).
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